RIP Bob Dole and principles of Republican Party

Bob Dole was a Republican in principle. He was an honorable statesman and a true Republican of policy, principle and pride. Where did these principled men go? There may be five or six principled Republicans in Congress today, but when Bob Dole was at his political peak, his party was loaded with principled party members, not fake conservative know-nothings.

I'm not exactly sure when the party, of which I was once a member, took its radical right turn into extremism. For me it was when the policies of the Reagan era began to be realized in the late 80s.

For others, it was the Tea Party that was devised by the Koch brothers in the 90s. Or was it the nomination of a complete buffoon in 2016? Or was it the insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6 for you?

Whenever you date the Republican Party's principle demise, there is no doubt that true Republicans find the party's current behavior disgusting, unprincipled and unAmerican.

Hey Republicans, bring statesmen back to your party and I'll listen. Until then, you have become some of the biggest buffoons ever in the history of the United States.

John Mathna


Women, beware! Right to choose in danger

If the U.S. Supreme Court removes your right to choose or allows the state to determine what you do with your own body:

* Your husband may be able to refuse your right to use an IUD or birth control pills.

* Your sexual abuser can force you to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.

* You will not be able to terminate an unviable fetus or protect yourself if you have an ectopic pregnancy.

* Someone else can decide if you are allowed a tubal ligation.

Will you be able to get a tattoo or piercings if your husband does not want you to? What about choosing the clothing you wear?

This is a slippery slope. It does not matter if any of these choices are things that you or I would choose. It's our right as citizens to have that freedom to choose.

Call your representatives in Congress today to stop this assault on our freedom to choose.

Lissa Dearing


Democrats have to get into partisan game

While all Tennesseans of common-sense agree that education and school board races shouldn't be political battlefields, the law that has been changed by Republicans to politicize school boards in Tennessee cannot be ignored.

If Democrats stand aside and let the Republican Party sweep the school board elections without opposition, our schools will take giant leaps backwards and schoolchildren will suffer the worst. Democrats need to step up to the plate to protect our children, their education and health. Otherwise Republican extremists will destroy public education entirely.

While Democrats wish they could just opt out and refuse to play the Republican game, the threat to quality public schools for all Tennessee's children is far too serious a matter.

Democrats take the high ground when we stand up for our children to have an excellent public education with safe schools that improve community well-being for all of us. Good government needs to be the end goal of all elections.

The values of the Democratic Party represent the epitome of good government: fairness, common sense, liberty and justice for all.

Lynn Newton