Control guns, masks but not abortion?

The Dec. 3 Times editorial claims, "America doesn't make sense anymore" because pro-lifers, while opposing abortion as murder, are supposedly inconsistent for making guns accessible and for resisting mask mandates. But everything makes sense if we can figure out what sense it makes.

Since the proper use of masks and guns is to protect innocent human life, the consistent action is to mask the unborn against chemical abortifacients and arm fetuses against their abortionist killers.

"We've become numbed to the massacre of children in classrooms," says the pro-abortion Times editorial writer, but they are apparently numbed to a much greater massacre of children in mothers' wombs.

Indeed, what sense do gun and mask control law advocates make when they oppose abortion control laws?

Brian Hale

Red Bank


Fauci, Biden talking different strategies

I have concern over how the president has appealed to the people about the new omicron coronavirus variant. Despite the chief medical adviser to the president of the United States saying that not much is known about the variant, Biden has told the public that the unvaccinated should receive the vaccine and that the vaccinated should have booster shots to be ready for the variant.

While I have no problem with vaccination, the president should not appeal to the public and tell them what they should do because Dr. Anthony Fauci admits they don't know much about the new variant. For all we know, the vaccinated could contract and spread the variant like the unvaccinated. I think that the White House should inform the public on precautions when they have sufficient information about the variant. When individuals are informed, they can decide for themselves whether vaccination is the right decision for the omicron variant.

Andrew Sangar


Biden making a 'mess' of everything

Mr. President, you are destroying my wife's and my future. I am a retired, 65+-year-old. I began working in a family business after school when I was 10, was taught to save, to participate in savings/IRA/401k plans. I have paid into the Social Security and Medicare trust funds every paycheck. I even put an extra $50 a month into an IRA. And now you are stealing it all because of inflation caused by your administration's asinine policies. Closing pipelines? Vaccine mandate or termination? Really?

In fairness, I feel sorry for you. I don't believe you are in control. You need to turn over control to someone who helped people, has created something with their minds or hands. Something tangible.

See, I am the son of a NYC firefighter and small business owner. My daddy saved people; he was an honest-to-God FDNY hero. He later opened a gas station in Waterbury, Conn., where I learned how to repair things and how to think critically. And how to look out for my fellow man. All my life I have helped people, built, repaired, designed and created things (being a former auto and factory mechanic, a musician and a newspaper photographer). I have overhauled houses and rescued dogs. What have you ever created but a mess?

The American people will not take much more. Just look at your polling numbers. Please resign, along with your vice president and everyone who is currently making decisions, and let someone who knows what they are doing put America back on track. In short, please turn over power to coherent people.

Bill Bastenbeck

Dayton, Tenn.