Media detached from abortion pandemic

It is incredible how detached from reality the media has become.

Low vaccination rate for children is not a danger; there is not a COVID-19 pandemic among children. The CDC's statistics show a tiny fraction of far less than 1% deaths for children, and many of those had other serious contributing factors.

While the death rate for children due to the abortion pandemic is 100%, that's about 700 COVID-19 deaths compared to more than 61 million abortion deaths!

The reality is obvious to all, except the media and Planned Parenthood.

Jeff Wilson



Fox News should come under scrutiny

Should Fox News be reported to the House Committee on unAmerican activities?

Mike Bodine



Count on 'stupid' being around for years

Webster defines "stupid" as showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense. My Dad would not let us kids call anyone stupid; however, as a kid I thought my brother was pretty close.

Now, I feel as if I have wisdom when to use that word.

— We have millions of dollars of building supplies just piled up at the border just wasting away. Stupid. What about the old saying "Waste not want not"?

— I heard the secretary of transportation say roads (or highway designs) were racist and need to be replaced. Roads cannot be racist, only people who built them. Stupid.

Do we get to go back and correct everything we have done that was stupid? Why can we not go forward in this world?

There is not enough time and money to correct all the mistakes.

I think the word "stupid" will remain in Webster's dictionary for times to come.

Ruth Cote



Take responsibility for ballot process

One of the main issues addressed in a recent article (Nov. 28: "Absentee request deadline trips voters under new Georgia law") was voters sending in their ballots or requesting ballots too late.

The job of the election administration should be to clearly advertise the deadlines and requirements for requesting and sending in a ballot, and have the news media involved in doing so. This way the voters are well informed and confusion is limited. Once these dates and process are publicized, any error is simply at the fault of the voter.

It is frustrating that in our school system, deadlines are given great importance but then after university this standard is dropped.

Members of society today cannot follow simple instructions and are almost not expected to anymore. We continue to lower our standards for the general population and continue to try to make accommodations for them. Yet people continue to complain about everything if it is not laid out for them in the most simple way.

We need to hold our citizens to a higher standard and get rid of this stereotype of being the "lazy Americans who only complain."

Ethan Stephens