A thank you to two hospitals and a plea to stop smoking

In early October, my husband developed a four-day nosebleed. We waited at Memorial Hospital's emergency department for more than three hours. I pleaded, "God, please help us." Thirty seconds later, an angel named Morgan appeared and said, "I am going to ask the charge nurse to admit you sooner." The Lord had sent Morgan, who soon ushered us to a room, and Memorial took wonderful care of my husband for three days.

Two weeks later, he had a stroke. We were at Erlanger within 30 minutes. The clot-busting medicine is miraculous. The entire staff at Erlanger is extraordinary. Fortunately, his stroke was minor, and he has no residual effects.

The cause of this challenging October was my husband's 50-year, pack-a-day smoking habit and high blood pressure.

While at Erlanger, physicians told my husband, "If you don't stop smoking, it's all downhill from here." The upshot is that he has not smoked since — glory hallelujah!

If you smoke, please quit. If one person quits because of this letter, I have one more praise!

Sherry Kitts



Tornado activity not climate change

Here we go again. We have one natural disaster, and the left starts yelling "climate change." I have said many times: There is no empirical evidence supporting man-made climate change.

For the ignoramuses out there, let's go over tornadic activity (according to Tornado activity has changed. It has gone down an average of roughly 20% since 2012. In 2014, they were at the lowest rate since 1995. That is not the climate change religious fanaticism of the left. It is undeniable empirical evidence.

The longest tornado path in history was in 1925. It was called the Tri-State Tornado. That path was 234 miles. Was that climate change too? Of course not, that is fake news, as Trump would say, because the yearly number has really gone down. All you need to do is look at the graph since 1995. The numbers don't lie, but left-wing politicians do.

Facts and numbers to the left are like a crucifix to a vampire. Science only turned political since COVID. It is based on empirical evidence. There is no connection between tornadic activity and climate change. It is called weather.

Tim Price



Support Carbon Fee and Dividend bill

I've just finished reading an excellent book by NASA climate scientist Peter Kalmus. The book offers a multi-faceted approach to addressing climate change on individual, community and national levels.

Nationally, Kalmus strongly supports an approach known as Carbon Fee and Dividend (CFAD), in which individuals and businesses pay a fee based on the amount of fossil fuels they burn, directly or indirectly. The money would be collected by the federal government and then redistributed to all Americans in the form of direct payments, or dividends.

There is currently a bill before the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R. 2307) that proposes using CFAD to cut our national carbon emissions, while creating new jobs and saving money in health care costs from reduced air pollution.

I call on the city of Chattanooga to be the first in Tennessee to show its support for this bill, as more than 150 other local governments have done. And I am asking each of our representatives in Congress to endorse H.R. 2307. Thank you to Reps. Steve Cohen, D-Memphis, and Jim Cooper, D-Nashville, for their endorsement.

Let's continue to grow the Scenic City's legacy as a responsible environmental steward.

L.B. Blackwell


Let chromosomes be the decider in sports

I have a solution to the growing problem of biological males increasingly competing as female in sports. Since the men/women, boy/girl designations are apparently no longer considered relevant in today's athletic competitions, this portends a potential detrimental impact on females in sports who are being required to compete against biological males. This is a result of the term "sex" increasingly being replaced with the term "gender"

A logical solution to this problem would be to define all athletic sport competition as designated either XY or XX. This way a person could call themselves whatever they desire, but their participation in athletic competition would be based on their chromosomes as opposed to what they say they are. What could fairer and less controversial?

Gene Stevens

Tunnel Hill, Ga.


'Everlasting life' best possible gift

The priceless gift, the greatest and best of possible gifts of life, is described by two words: "everlasting life." No gift can be compared with this. No possession should be so much loved, prized or valued as the eternal life of the eternal God. How blessedly true it is that the one who has this life within his bosom is eternally linked with the eternal God who giveth it!

This life enables the receiver to live like its author in some degree. This life is a new life. It is resurrection, incorruptible life. It is a life that sin and death cannot touch. It is not a product of any human efficiency. It comes down from above. This life does not draw in any earthly garden. It is a plant of heavenly growth, and it makes those who have it a heavenly people. What a great loss to be without it. To not possess it is to be assured of spending eternity in outer darkness with none of the blessings of God to be enjoyed and experienced.

Amos Taj



Ponder proliferation of single-use masks

Disposable masks are filling up trash cans in Chattanooga. With mask mandates lifting in many places, the need for disposable masks is declining. So where does this product go since it is not being used? Into the trash can and heading for the landfill.

Many of these masks are used once and then thrown away. They were mass produced and distributed during the panic COVID caused when it first appeared. With so many in the world and the declining use for them, these plastic products are filling landfills. Many of these masks contain polypropylene, a plastic that degrades slowly. It can take 20-30 years for this plastic to degrade naturally. Even though the mask mandates are lifting, these plastic products will be with us long after this pandemic ends.

Michael Beasley