Will Joe Biden see it through 2022 or 2024?

When will the "big guy" call it quits for reasons of health? Before or after the 2022 midterms?

Before then, he will have to take some of the blame. Afterward, he and the rest of the old regime will be able to blame [Kamala] Harris.

Don McAvoy


Catoosa social studies teacher supported

I am responding to the recent article about the Catoosa social studies teacher who was asked to remove his posting for his students about the events of Jan. 6 at our Capitol building.

I read the posting carefully and thought the teacher did a very credible job in presenting the facts of the event and those to follow.

I taught social studies for nearly 30 years, and if anything he said was wrong or beyond the pale, I cannot see it. I could not teach in these times if forced to try to please everyone, as it cannot be done.

This teacher is a good teacher! Leave him alone so he can ply his craft so as to make his students think and become well-informed citizens. We need more of his ilk.

Ronald Cumbie


Wondering if AP will cover Biden like Trump

I find myself in the position of having to decide if I want to read The Associated Press for the next four years. The last four years the AP has printed only distorted and negative "news" about President Trump.

I can only see it printing milk and honey-flavored "news" about President Biden, which has already occurred. The AP has basically been insinuating for the last four years that voters for President Trump were stupid, ignorant or racist, and failing (or not wanting) to understand that Trump was elected due to voters being very unhappy with President Obama, Sen. Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. That voters didn't have to be racist to feel this way and the "mostly peaceful protests" of 2020 (that were not) didn't help.

I guess I know what I need to do and just haven't done it yet. I'm still thinking about it.

P.D. Jones



For all of his faults, Trump fought for us

Donald Trump could be blusterous and rude. He faced a deluge of opposition money, deceptive politicians (some in his own party), a liberal, propagandist media promoting and running interference for the Democrat candidates, Hollywood celebrities bent on his demise, and bureaucratic swamp creatures snapping at his heels ... and then COVID-19 claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and destroyed the economy.

Why did millions of Americans stick with him? His fight for America undoubtedly resonated, putting Americans first, at home and abroad, border control, patriotism, peace strategies with results, no nonsense governance, no need to enrich himself or his family, rejecting the restrictive politically correct, and the tiresome labels Democrats assert to control their constituency and demean their opponents ... and then the marathon vote count.

One prominent liberal, to the delight of others, suggested deprogramming 74 million-plus people, which means erasing love of God, country, and truth ... re-education camps perhaps? Why not? They're already in place; college campuses are indoctrinating our youth all over America.

Benny Nunley

Gruetli-Laager, Tennessee