Trump deserves swift, decisive punishment

I really don't think 70 million of our citizens can appreciate the fact we almost lost our democratic republic. They continue to fill their minds with hatred, bigotry and wild conspiracies. Donald Trump started out his foray into politics with his racist meme that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and all Latinos are rapists and murderers. These are the people who work in the fields tirelessly to put food on our tables.

Trump then moved on to undo every civil norm we have in our governance. His latest attempt to overturn the election could have gotten his VP killed. His supremacists' mob that he fomented managed to desecrate our temple to democracy.

Now, we find he was planning to use "our," not his, DOJ to pressure the Supreme Court to overturn the election because he lost, fair and square.

This must be met with swift punishment. Insurrection will not be tolerated in our beloved country. Our democracy is fragile and will not endure without our strict adherence to our Constitution.

Dolores Benton

Signal Mountain


Kim White understands police, fire sacrifices

I am encouraged by Kim White's public support of our city's first responders and recent endorsement by the local chapters of the Fraternal Order of Police and the International Brotherhood of Police Officers. As a former law enforcement officer and current legal professional in the criminal justice system, I know firsthand how important quality first responders are to a fair and just criminal justice system.

Each day, police officers, firefighters and emergency responders place themselves in harm's way to protect our citizens. As the daughter of a former firefighter, Kim has the unique understanding of the sacrifices our first responders make daily to protect the public.

I believe Kim's commitment to recruiting new officers, providing fair compensation, an ongoing review of policies, continuous training and quality public safety technology will result in a safer community for all. In addition, I very much respect the importance Kim is placing on the relationship between our local law enforcement and the neighborhoods they serve. Her commitment to preserving and strengthening the mutual trust we need for a united and safer Chattanooga make her an excellent choice for mayor.

Kay Baker


Wade Hinton will be a 'strong unifier' for city

While Chattanooga is fortunate to have several qualified candidates in our mayoral race, I am proud to support Wade Hinton. I have known Wade for more than 30 years; he was an exceptional young person and he is an exceptional adult. He loves Chattanooga, and his vision for our city is progressive and inclusive.

After the divisiveness we have experienced both locally and nationally, I believe Wade Hinton will be a strong unifier and will best serve all residents of Chattanooga.

Susan Street


Tim Kelly is prepared to lead Chattanooga

Our city deserves a strong leader and an experienced enterprise manager who can navigate a crisis.

As Chattanooga continues to grow we need a visionary, a tireless champion who can represent the city in its entirety. We need a leader who knows education is key to raising all boats and who knows the future must support healthy initiatives for our diverse population. Our next leader must know that access to well-connected public transportation is imperative to get people to jobs.

We have a record field of candidates to pick from. At the front of the pack is Tim Kelly. He's ready to hit the ground running in service of all of Chattanooga. Join me on March 2 to ensure we put our best candidate forward and elect Tim Kelly.

Jelena Butler

Treasurer, Tim Kelly for Mayor