Monty Bruell will move our community forward

I support Monty Bruell in moving forward with empowerment and involvement with and for all of our citizens.

He is a lifelong resident and is dedicated and focused on his personal goals and community goals. He has always been a leader; he hears the needs of our community and responds.

He's a positive community builder and supporter of what is in the long term best interest of the people of our community. He has my vote and full support.

Jody Usry


Inspired by White's success story

I am inspired by mayoral candidate Kim White's personal success story and feel her experiences will be a tremendous asset to our city. Kim is a product of hard work and grit. She was educated in our public Hamilton County school system and is a fellow graduate of Hixson High School.

As a student at UTC, my alma mater as well, she lived at home so she could save money and support herself through school. She then launched a remarkable career that helped change the landscape of our city and region for the better. Kim has not relied on extravagant degrees or deep pockets to make something of herself. She is a self-made and intelligent leader who has proven she has the work ethic and determination to succeed.

I am confident in her ability to use those same principles to help all citizens pursue something greater. I am proud to support Kim as she once again proves you can accomplish anything with enough courage and perseverance.

Andy McDonald


Tim Kelly's skills are just what city needs

On March 2, I will not be voting against anyone, but I will be voting for Tim Kelly.

I have known Tim for decades as a competitor. He makes good decisions. He executes his plan well.

I think Tim's ability would be a great opportunity for Chattanooga.

Ray Standefer


Greene's reversals raises questions

Marjorie Taylor Greene has dodged responsibility for videos and social media posts, saying "her pages have been run by 'teams' of people over the years, some promoting views with which she does not agree."

This raises questions of supervision, honesty, integrity and competence.

To wit:

Supervision — she "owns" messages put out over her endorsement signature whether made by staff or "teams;" removing messages days, weeks, months or years after posting to prevent backlash shows a total lack of personal responsibility.

Honesty — was she lying in the original posts (for which she has responsibility) or "covering her backside" now?

Integrity — disavowing messages by her "teams"or staff shows a disregard of supporting those working for her and shows a lack of empathy and an unwillingness to assume responsibility as the face of the organization for mistakes or errors.

Competence — if she is unable to control her message and adequately manage her staff, she may be equally not competent for the responsibilities of governance as a member of Congress.

Paul Jackson