Politicians, just leave us alone

Dear D.C. politicians, most of us do not care what y'all do up there. We'll take our own $1,400 back that we gave you to begin with. Thanks for nothing.

You can try to convict an ex-president, you can try to censure a duly-elected representative, and you can even vow to re-educate those of us who actually believe the government can be bought and paid for by special interests and that maybe all is not right with our voting procedures. That's good and well.

Talk and posture all you want. Just please don't come knocking on my door. The welcome mat is not out, as apparently from the fences and guards around your door, yours is not either.

Take a deep breath, God bless and be well.

Mike Wolford



Society's soul: How it treats children

Abortion has been legal for 48 years since Roe v Wade. Tennessee's 2014 constitutional amendment says there is no right to abortion in the state constitution.

We have a "pro-life" governor in Tennessee and a "pro-abortion" president and vice-president. See the editorial in the paper Jan. 27 ("'Abortion Isn't Healthcare' Tiff"). Abortion is probably the longest running social issue in America after civil rights.

Seemingly never discussed is just what is being aborted. All seem to agree it is human life. It is living and growing and not a chimpanzee. Virtually everyone agrees it is a human being after birth, when you can hold this child in your arms.

This then is a moral and, yes, religious issue of personhood. Abortion is an issue with the unborn life/person, mother, father and indeed all of society as stakeholders. Courts and laws won't solve the issue.

I believe society must invest the time, people and resources to reduce the "need" and performance of abortion down to a vanishingly small number. Nelson Mandela said, "There is no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children" in launching the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund in May 1995.

John Hubbard


'Good Catholic' OK with killing babies?

The new president proclaims he wants unity. Well, he must be delusional if he thinks we are going to be united with him and his policies when he is killing unborn babies.

Murder is still a sin, according to the Ten Commandments. Where is the "good Catholic" if he promotes killing babies? That is non-negotiable, and we won't agree with him and his unwise policies.

Another deal-breaker is the illegal immigrants coming toward the border. We can't afford what we are giving away now and certainly can't afford to give them free health care, education, food, jobs and all they want. These are very unwise decisions, and he had better realize that what he is destroying has worked better than his plans will.

Other unwise decisions are to make Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. into states and add more justices to the Supreme Court. So unwise and unnecessary.

Those people who lost jobs because he canceled the Keystone pipeline will remember him at election time.

Wilma Holbrook