America on the wrong track, is vanishing

"Of the people, for the people and by the people" in America appears to be ending. Our new America is being run "of the media, for the powerful and by the elite establishment and the cabal." These cabals include Big Tech giants and their wealthy owners, the main media outlets they own and control, the Democratic Party (and a few Republican leaders), along with entrenched government institutions.

Many of these show signs of being power-hungry, greedy, snobbish, unprincipled and skilled deceivers. They don't seem to have any real interest in common Americans. They only like ordinary Americans who will praise them, pat them on the back, and shut up and obey them.

Now we are seeing with our own eyes how eager and willing they are to employ communist-style tactics to cement and increase their power, wealth and elitist standing by corruption, suppression and control. Our rights and freedoms are vanishing.

Too rapidly, America is morphing into a frightening new monster of a nation-state. And no one knows how far this is going to go, and no one seems to know how to stop this rapid transformation.

J.L. Johns

Ringgold, Georgia


Wade Hinton is the right man right now for mayor

Chattanooga is fortunate to have a number of excellent candidates running for mayor. But, as is usually the case, there is one candidate who stands out above the rest. That candidate is Wade Hinton.

Wade is a father, attorney, business person and lifelong resident of Chattanooga. He knows our town and is conversant with our strengths and the challenges that continue.

He will represent all of us in his term(s) as mayor. He will be a mayor for the wealthy, the middle class and the poor. He will work to see there is affordable housing for all.

He has also pledged to support our schools in every way possible. He has many good ideas for what the city can do to help our populace to do well in school from the day they start, and to increase their employability when they graduate.

Help Chattanooga be all it can be. Vote for Wade Hinton for mayor.

Jane Elmore


Chattanooga will benefit from Monty Bruell's vision

I am supporting Monty Bruell for Chattanooga mayor because he has a genuine vision for this city. He is committed to leading this city during the pandemic, helping citizens of this city and being a mayor this city can truly be proud of.

As a firefighter of nearly two decades, I know the importance of having support of civic leaders. Over the past few years, the Chattanooga Fire Department's low pay has been highlighted, and though many voice their continued support of first responders, firefighters' pay in Chattanooga has crippled morale, dampened recruiting and caused numerous firefighters to find employment elsewhere, leaving behind an otherwise rewarding career.

Monty has committed to increasing the pay for Chattanooga's firefighters, while not forgetting other essential services in the city. He is committed to serving this city. This city needs true leadership and positive vision.

Vote for Monty Bruell. Early voting starts Wednesday.

Andre Dean