Democrats out of line with millions

The impeachment trial as part of the removal process of Donald Trump will be a failure by the Democrats to again prove their point that Trump committed a high crime or misdemeanor in his comments made at the Jan. 6 rally near the Capitol.

This newest impeachment/removal initiative by the Democrats is another phony and mythical accusation against the former president. Trump did not incite the crowd to violence or insurrection. The former president encouraged the crowd assembled at his rally to peacefully and patriotically march to protest at the Capitol. The same words spoken by Martin Luther King with the same results would never have been condemned by the Democrats.

The Democrats during the past four-plus years have done everything possible to destroy Donald Trump's opportunity to preside as president of the U.S., even though about 74 million Americans have approved of his policies and actions.

This is a non-alignment between the Democrats and the American people and has never been more severe.

Bob Jack, Harrison


All our educators count as 'teachers'

Kudos to education leaders for pushing back against state lawmakers' misguided attempt to exclude some vital educators from proposed salary increases ("Raises should go to actual 'classroom teachers'," Feb. 1, 2021).

As Tennessee Education Association President Beth Brown correctly stated, the local legislators' approach "totally disregards the critical role that every single educator has played in providing services to our students during the pandemic." And her Hamilton County counterpart rightly adds: "Classroom teachers cannot do the work that they're doing without the support of the others."

Simply put, kids can't learn if they're hungry. They can't learn if they're sick. And they certainly can't learn if they can't get to school. That is why cafeteria workers, school nurses, bus drivers and other support staff must be included in any pay raise plan. Our heroic classroom teachers would be among the first to attest to that.

Lawmakers: Listen to the education professionals.

Frank Maurizio


Are crime videos best we can do?

When a crime is committed at a store, warehouse or commercial building, we are asked to identify perpetrators with images and video that appear to have been made by a broken Brownie camera with a Coke bottle lens photographed through a muddy ATV windshield.

Too often it's difficult to tell by the poor quality whether it's a human, a Sasquatch or an octopus.

It's hard to have empathy with commercial interests that have a security system that makes criminals look like a Rorschach test.

It's also a point of safety for consumers. How can you do business at a store where if your kid is abducted or you're attacked the police can't use the images to decide if it was a human or alien? Whether inside a store or outside in the parking lot, consumers need to know that if something happens, it will be recorded and usable.

With the rash of unusable images and video, I wonder if these business concerns are also using Dixie Cups and string in lieu of telephones?

Stephen Greenfield

Cleveland, Tennessee


Apparently, Black lives don't matter

If you missed seeing footage of our five sheriff's deputies beating with sticks a cuffed Black man already on the ground, you must have been on another continent. Well, criminal charges have been miraculously dropped from this "Fabulous Five."

No one in town really expected anything different. All over America, we see the same thing and have for my lifetime: 76 years. Guess this closes the door to the catchphrase "Black Lives Matter," because they don't.

For our police nationwide to be able to continually avoid prosecution for assaulting others confounds my psyche. A fifth-grader could see from the video that five armed men beat a defenseless man nearly to death, a perfect example of how bullies operate.

I am tired of defending these thugs with badges. When will it end? Not in my lifetime, I suppose. In about 25 years when whites are the minority, a changing of the guard will occur. After four years of seeing the results a racist president can produce, we saw like-minded people come out of the woodwork. When will enough be enough?

And for what? The local perp's crime: walking on the wrong side of the road. Go figure.

Tom Baker,



Hold responsible in GOP to account

We must not let Trump and his enablers walk away unscathed. As we look forward, we can't permit a landscape where right-wing militants are allowed to undermine our democracy.

The GOP needs to stand up to basic truths, not wing nuts who believe in conspiracy theories filled with hate.

We must come together as a nation to hold those who are responsible to account: from prosecuting the militants who carried out the attacks to removing/barring from office the elected leaders who spread lies and stoked this violence.

Sally Moses

Signal Mountain


If that's socialism, bring on more of it

Socialism is a scare word Republicans have hurled at every advance the people have made in the last 90 years:

* Socialism is what they called electric public power in 1933.

* Socialism is what they called Social Security in 1935.

* Socialism is what they called farm price supports in 1931.

* Socialism is what they called bank deposit insurance in 1934.

* Socialism is what they called the growth of free and independent labor organizations after the Great Depression.

* Socialism is their name for anything that helps all the people.

When Republicans refer to everything Democrats do as "socialism," it's a great representation of their ignorance of the history of all that was called socialism the last 90 years.

What they really mean is, "Down with progress — down with any social improvement. That is what they really mean, especially Trump's so-called Republicans.

Apparently, the alternate offering from conservatives is the action of Jan. 6 at the Capitol.

I'll take socialism.

Rod Killian


Candidates should reject pay-to-play request

By asking mayoral candidates to pay to be interviewed on a Channel 9 program, the station is not only capitalizing when it should rather be working on behalf of the public to be informative before a municipal election, but it is also discriminating against candidates who simply don't have $1,000 to spend for a two-minute interview.


The moral thing to do might be for all of the candidates to refuse this monetary, opportunistic act, and seek to inform the public of their proposed policies for the city in other forums and venues.

Kerry Lansford


Let's reclaim respectful debate and our friendships

Over the past few months, our society, Democrats and Republicans, can agree on one thing — this political era will be long remembered. It's a time of controversy and division and strong opinions that often clash.

My parents used to say, "If you are not sure of someone's beliefs, do not ever discuss sex, politics or religion." This is a mature move; however, I want to acknowledge the small groups of people who are able to discuss these topics with a maturity that exceeds most others.

This group respects strong opinions, listens and expresses their own without bashing others; this is an art.

Our family has grown closer to friends Jim and Marsha who share different views as do my son Miles and me.

It would be nice if all of us could looks at some of the screaming, talking heads on TV or remember friendships they have given up and think how much better the world would be if everyone could be like some of the people our family is blessed to know.

Thank you,

Christine Diwan