Which gospel is Greene preaching?

In a stunning self-defense, my district's Rep. [Marjorie Taylor] Greene briefly preached the gospel of my savior, Jesus Christ, to her House colleagues. I am prepared to accept this as a sincere confession of faith, and not a cynical fundraising ploy to claim that she is being persecuted for the faith, if I see the following from her:

- Will she humbly and unconditionally ask forgiveness from those she has offended, including those colleagues whose lives she has threatened (Matthew 5:23-24)?

- Will she demonstrate love for those she considers her enemies (Matthew 5:43-48)?

- Will she consistently put aside falsehood and speak truth (Ephesians 5:25)?

- Will she demonstrate concern for the oppressed (Isaiah. 58:10)?

I fear I must add certain provisos: "Truth" does not mean "unfounded conspiracy theories"; "the oppressed" does not mean "white evangelicals who are afraid the liberals are trying to take away their guns."

If I see these things consistently in her, I will be prepared to believe that her use of my savior's name on the House floor was something other than the repulsive, twisted, vain utterance that I fear it was.

Herbert K. Lea

Chickamauga, Georgia


Bruell ready to act, lead from outset

As we approach the upcoming city election, I think back to last summer when hundreds of people marched the streets of Chattanooga. I'll never forget the words: "Power to the people! No one's free until we're all free! No justice, no peace!"

Until then, I'd been oblivious to racial disparities. I thought segregation and dehumanization were only things we read about. Before then, I saw the world through the lens of white privilege. I see differently now.

It was at one of those protests where I first saw Monty Bruell. He was there as a participant, just another face in the crowd. Months later when I realized he was running for mayor, I knew he had my vote.

The ideas Monty is proposing are not just ideas; he already has a detailed plan on how to execute every single one. His first 100 days won't be spent researching or deliberating. They'll be spent in action.

I have hope social justice can become a reality in Chattanooga. I know Monty Bruell is the only candidate with the desire, skill sets, experience and commitment to lead us there.

Kelsey McBride


A vote for Lee a must for District 2

Reeling from the impact of COVID-19, the Chattanooga City Council District 2 election will be one of the most important decisions voters will make, and Thomas Lee is the best to represent District 2 for the following reasons:

- Thomas will finish his term as our District 2 council representative; he won't leave to become a candidate for another position;

- Thomas is a person who will make a decision and address the important issues; he will not "pass the buck";

- Thomas is a person who will work, will listen and will make the decisions that are best for all of us who live in District 2.

Please join me in voting Thomas Lee for city council District 2.

Mickey McCamish


Business move makes reader question Kelly

I am a lifelong resident of Chattanooga. I fully intended to vote for Tim Kelly and influence my many friends to do likewise, as he obviously has the experience and character to be a fine mayor of our great city.

But then I read a recent article which reported of moving his nationally known business to East Ridge, reportedly for tax benefits. Am I the only one who sees the irony in such a move? I don't think so.

Someone running for the "chief promoter" of our city moving his own business out of the city? It's actually hard for me to believe one would have that much gall. "Bring your business to Chattanooga! (Sure, I moved mine out. But that doesn't matter)."

I really wish he had not done it. I had looked forward to supporting him.

Dr. Michael Combs