Make example of ex-president

We must start holding criminals accountable for their actions. Especially our so-called leaders.

Time and again, we hear "they've learned their lesson," yet they continue to act irredeemably and unconscionably against the will of the people they serve and purport to "represent."

I'm from Chattanooga ... and I vote. It's time to hold the ex-president accountable. He has been impeached twice. First time in the history of our republic.

Something must be wrong here, and an example must be made of him else we continue to see and even encourage such criminal behavior as inciting the overthrow of our government.

I fully expected the Republicans in the Senate to do nothing ... again ... as they are largely co-conspirators and therefore hardly impartial jurors. Bar the ex-president from public office forever.

Mark Merritt


Relax 2nd dose policy to help more people

Monday's Times Free Press had a "clarification" for an article that ran in Sunday's paper about availability of the COVID vaccine.

Sunday's paper noted that second doses would be available to anyone who had received their first dose as long as the card with the vaccine and date were presented. Monday's clarification says those who "phase jump" and go elsewhere to get the first dose will not receive a second dose in Hamilton County. The term "phase jump" is extremely negative and seems to indicate that those receiving vaccines in other Tennessee counties or in other states are somehow doing something wrong.

Hamilton County residents may receive the first vaccine elsewhere for a variety of reasons: They live part-time elsewhere; they received the vaccine while on vacation or while visiting a relative; they drove to a neighboring county which was able to offer the vaccine earlier than Hamilton County. Regardless of the reason, it appears that the health department is punishing any residents who were so concerned about COVID-19 that they tried to obtain a vaccination as soon as possible.

I ask that the health department re-evaluate this policy in light of whether the policy is in keeping with helping your residents.

Sandy Boyles


Trump was always a despicable cancer

My wife submitted her only letter to the editor the day after Trump's election. Trump's picture frightened her. She said, "His image filled me with the same fear I experienced as a young child witnessing Japan's Tojo's picture in the Knoxville News-Sentinel." That was prophetic!

A cancer has been growing in our democracy since Trump's inauguration in 2016. Some don't want to admit he's racist, yet he's courted white supremacists for years.

Jan. 6 was a dark day in America. What we witnessed was reprehensible. Trump organized the rally, and incited a mob to "go to the Capitol and take back your country," calling participants "patriots." This siege on our Capitol shocked our allies and pleased our enemies.

Just days before this despicable insurrection, disgraced Gen. Michael Flynn encouraged Trump to "declare martial law" and "use the Army to conduct another election." That's close to sedition.

I agree with Trump's former Chief of Staff John Kelly: "Trump didn't change, he has always been this way." Trump's refusal to fly the flag at half staff in honor of the slain Capitol policeman is baffling and shameful.

Wilbourne C. Markham Sr.

Signal Mountain