Longtime friend promotes Gorman

On paper, Tim Gorman, who's running for city council District 2, is perfect for the job. He's worked in manufacturing for 35 years. He's been a plant manager and overseen multimillion-dollar budgets and hundreds of people.

But Tim really distinguishes himself in person. I've known him since we went to UT. He was smart, funny and extraordinarily thoughtful. Though Tim had many friends, he had the uncanny ability to remember the small but important details about each. This is still the case.

I'm a transplant to Chattanooga. While I love it here, I've been struck by the opacity of its government, and by decision-making that often happens without — or despite — public input. That's the system Tim hopes to change.

His campaign slogan, "Re-Engineering Chattanooga," speaks to his belief in data and strategic planning. But it also speaks to his belief in public office as public service, and his desire for a transparent city government that gives ordinary people a voice in determining how public money is spent and neighborhoods are developed. He was endorsed by ChangeTN, which advocates for government that works for people, not special interests.

I encourage my D2 neighbors to vote for Tim.

Jane Aylward


Kim White's election would be refreshing

Kim White's candidacy is a refreshing break from individuals who view the role of mayor as a "steppingstone" to higher office. Instead, the root of her motivation to become mayor is to make a difference in every Chattanooga neighborhood. City government will not be an elusive entity under her leadership. Instead, it will be a transparent and accessible administration that will ensure all Chattanoogans have a voice and that their voices will be heard.

As a small business owner, local Realtor, taxpayer and resident, I hold a shared opinion with my neighbors that many areas and people in our great city have gone underrepresented by the mayor's office for too long. Kim understands that effective leaders greet their community where they are — not hidden behind a desk in City Hall. She will listen to members of each community and work together to find solutions. I believe she will continuously eliminate any barriers that prevent citizens from having a place at the table. I look forward to the progress our city will undoubtedly enjoy with Kim as our next city mayor.

Brian Erwin


Jenny Hill is best choice for District 2 council seat

I first got to know Jenny Hill working as a volunteer in her campaign for the Hamilton County Board of Education. Walking door-to-door with her, I was impressed by her positive energy, her ability to relate to the people who opened their doors to us, her dedication to improving our community, and her work ethic.

Jenny is an effective communicator, but more importantly, a thoughtful listener. A successful entrepreneur, she knows the importance of supporting our small businesses. And as board chair for MetMin, she saw firsthand the struggles of those in our city who are economically disadvantaged and worked diligently to support them.

Jenny's abilities, experience and proven leadership have prepared her to serve the residents of District 2 as their city council representative. Please join me in voting for Jenny Hill.

Tom Trevor


GOP is at peace with Trump's treason

Who knew that Trump was being uncharacteristically modest when he boasted he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it?

His political party — the one which brags of its love of country, adherence to the intentions of the Founders, defense of conservative values and will earnestly tell you that 2 + 2 = 5 if their wealthy donors (to whom they give huge tax breaks) or hoodwinked supporters (they distract them with manufactured hysteria and then fleece them) demand it — absolved Trump of inciting a group of armed supporters to attack the Capitol to nullify the will of the majority of voters and install himself as the rightful leader of this country.

Republicans participated in a trial that they had insisted is unconstitutional — hypocrisy is standard operating procedure — and then attacked those of their caucus who had the temerity to believe their own eyes and ears and the audacity to listen to their own conscience and acknowledged that Trump indeed incited his mob to prevent the constitutional transfer of power.

I don't know about ignoring shooting someone on the street but Trump's Republican party certainly seems to have no difficulty in letting a president get away with treason.

Ted Tumelaire

Signal Mountain


Bruell's skill set is what the city needs

Monty Bruell's campaign has brought the fastest growing number of diverse voters together over the past few weeks.

We really need this right now in a city that feels so divided.

But that isn't the only thing that sets him apart that earns my respect.

Bruell's business acumen and fiscal conservatism make him right for the job.

The fact that the Bruell campaign has made so much noise on a shoestring budget is a testament to his character, resourcefulness and authenticity.

People with that mindset are who we like to elect here in Tennessee, a state with the least amount of public debt per capita than any other state in our country.

I've been proud to support both Republican and Democrat candidates in both local and statewide campaigns since I moved back to my home state in 2008, but only if I feel deeply that they understand that we can't spend our way to success without accountability and transparency.

Real change is only possible with leadership, experience and a heart that embraces collaboration with taxpayers to be effective.

Alex Lavidge


Tennessee senators have no backbone

Well, it's over, for now. The reign of hate and fear of Donald Trump is over. There was an honest attempt to make sure he could not run again for political office, based on his clear incitement of insurrection by the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and the other white supremacists he invited to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6.

But 43 senators bowed down and licked Trump's boots because they had no backbone. They included the senators from Tennessee. Now we have to hope that investigations in Georgia and New York will take the next step and ensure that Trump's alleged illegal activities before and during his presidency are identified and prosecuted. No matter how those prosecutions are completed, good people in Tennessee will remember that our senators licked the boots of a despot, a narcissistic little man who only knows how to bully and had no idea how to lead.

James M. Hemsley