There are two sides to Nov. 3 outcome

A recent letter to the editor complained that Democrats have "done everything possible to destroy Donald Trump's opportunity to preside as president ... even though about 74 million Americans have approved of his policies and actions."

Perhaps the writer failed to notice more than 81 million Americans didn't approve of Donald Trump's policies and actions and, on Nov. 3, voted to remove President Trump from office.

Janet M. Brodsky


Kelly is top choice; has a heart for all

I would like to endorse Tim Kelly for mayor of Chattanooga.

I have known Tim since he was young, and I admire the man he has become. I worked for Tim's father for many years. He learned the value of hard work from a young age.

When he came to work for his father at the dealership he was not placed at the top. Rather, he earned his position by cleaning up cars, filling them with gas, bringing serviced vehicles around to customers and driving people to their workplace while their cars were being serviced. He was taught that great things are earned not handed out and that no job is too good for anyone.

Tim has a heart for the working class and has worked alongside companies through successful and difficult times. He is passionate about education for all children. He loves the outdoors, our rivers and mountains, the natural beauty that makes Chattanooga so special. He cares for our neighborhoods and the people who live there, no matter who they are or where they may be.

I know that he would make an impact as our next mayor. He certainly has my vote.

Teresa McDowell


White earns support for early learning stance

I'm very impressed by mayoral candidate Kim White's dedication to strengthening access to early learning opportunities for our youngest residents.

Many children struggle when beginning formal education. This is due, in part, to lack of access and availability of childcare and learning facilities.

Kim will make sure the city's Office of Early Learning works in partnership with the Early Matters Coalition, a group of education-focused organizations, to increase the number of spaces in quality pre-K and childcare facilities. This will ensure children are better prepared and have greater access to knowledge from a young age.

For this reason, it's a privilege to support and formally endorse Kim White as our next mayor of Chattanooga.

Tiffanie Robinson


Give extremists their own country

Most citizens obey the law. Unlawful acts by extremists are typically treated by these citizens with tolerance.

A slap on the wrist usually follows such behavior, no matter the law broken (e.g., property destruction or even human destruction). Reaction in kind is not considered civilized or ethical, besides being unlawful. We are understanding and patient, you see. We thus retain our ethics and principles no matter the damage done by these violent, fetid beasts.

We should be understanding and sympathetic to these monstrous creatures because of their unhappy childhoods. Really? Tell that to the relatives of those murdered and maimed.

Despite all, we must be patient even if our freedom and safety are threatened because of our morality and seeming weakness. At least we will have preserved our honor when we are buried and democracy is history.

Hey! What about creating a separate country inhabited and run only by Trumpist extremists, shed of us awful, law-abiding, tax-paying, selfish citizens? To repeat, inhabitants will have total self-rule. They deserve such a paradise.

The end justifies the means.

A. Sheldon Gelburd