Limbaugh story full of 'vitriol'

As I picked up my paper from the rainy driveway, I thought water had seeped in through the plastic bag. However, as I opened it and began to read, I realized that it was soaked with vitriol from the front page article written by an Associated Press reporter.

The article celebrated the death of Rush Limbaugh. What a whiny coward to attack a person who had just died. He's gone. Your opinion no longer matters. Whatever happened to "news"? Could you not just report the departure, even if you couldn't celebrate the life?

Shame on the reporter, the AP and TFP for printing such bile. Is there no honor any more? I guess not.

Larry Deckard

Chickamauga, Georgia


Kim White needed to move city ahead

As a longtime Chattanoogan, it is important to me to keep our city moving in the direction of progress, which is why I support Kim White as the next mayor of our city.

Kim is an effective, devoted and decisive leader with decades of experience interfacing with elected officials, educational institutions, foundations, and business and civic leaders. Kim is uniquely qualified to immediately begin representing our city and finding solutions to the challenges our citizens face, particularly as we cope with the ongoing effects of the pandemic.

Kim is the only candidate I trust to bring our city together and propel us forward.

Jill Allen


Doesn't think Trump speech was hyperbole

According to the opinion piece in the Free Press Feb 9, Trump supporters should have recognized Trump wasn't being literal when he encouraged the mob to "fight like hell," "we will never give up, never concede," "stop the steal." "march[ing] to the Capitol."

The writer implies Trump supporters misunderstood the meaning of commonly used words. It is interesting to note the writer believes Trump supporters thought his call to action was literal when it was merely hyperbole.

Appallingly, the writer opined, "[Democrats] could have gloated that Trump left the presidency on Jan 20, with the Capitol insurrection in which a handful of people died being what people would remember about his last days in office."

So the writer thinks Democrats gloat about mass killings?

I find it extremely offensive to read "a handful of people died." If the writer's parent, spouse or child was in that "handful," would he have still referred to them as a "handful"? You can have a handful of nuts or candy, but murdered people deserve more respect than being dismissed as a "handful."

In view of the writer's disregard for human life, I'm surprised the word "only" did not preface that phrase.

Lissa Dearing


Kelly's experience, vision favor election

Of the leading candidates in Chattanooga's mayoral race, Tim Kelly is the only candidate who has successfully managed organizations effectively, in both good times and in a crisis.

Being mayor is not only about speeches and promises — it's about leadership and the ability to execute on the policies that will move Chattanooga forward.

Tim Kelly is the only person running for mayor who has the vision, temperament and experience in leading large, multi-faceted organizations. The one thing that sets good leaders apart from bad ones is their ability to bring people together, put them to work and hold them accountable for the result.

We need a more effective and responsive city government, and Tim has already set himself apart from the rest of the pack with a detailed 100-day plan that will allow him to hit the ground running on day one.

Tim is the first and only candidate to publish a full 100-day plan that will allow voters to measure his progress and hold him accountable. He has publicly committed to creating good-paying jobs, building great neighborhoods and expanding educational opportunities.

Chip Baker