Georgia GOP efforts to curtail voting stink

In the November 2020 general election and again in the January 2021, special run-off elections Georgians made history by voting turnout in greater numbers than ever before. Most of us would consider this to be excellent news, but apparently the Republicans who currently control the state legislature in Atlanta found it troubling, because a number of bills designed to limit early voting, require onerous extra steps for absentee voting, and to eliminate the drop boxes that made voting more convenient have been introduced in the General Assembly.

The Republicans who have introduced these bills all claim they are efforts to eliminate vote fraud. Yet none of them can furnish any examples of fraudulent voting, and the Georgia Secretary of State's office (which is held by another Republican) insists that our elections are honest.

Therefore there can be only one real reason for these bills: to make it harder to vote in Georgia. That makes me wonder why politicians would want to keep people from voting. Are they afraid they will lose if too many people vote? Or are they concerned that too many of the "wrong sort" of people are voting?

David Cofield

LaFayette, Georgia


Tired of 'same-old, same-old'? Vote Bruell

I am writing today to endorse Monty Bruell for mayor of Chattanooga. I have voted mostly conservative my entire life. In local politics, it has just become more of the same thing year after year. Every politician is going to make a change for the better, but not much has changed at all. I believe that Monty Bruell is the actual change that we need for Chattanooga.

If like me, you are tired of the same old promises by the same old people and are ready to see real and needed change come to Chattanooga, I urge you to vote for Monty. He has not just great ideas for change but an actual thought-out platform for paying for them and achieving them. The race for mayor is not just something he jumped into. He has been talking to people all across our great city for two years now and developing a platform around what they have told him.

I know Monty personally and consider him a friend. I trust him as the next mayor of Chattanooga and I urge you to vote for him as well!

Phillip Varnell


Jenny Hill is more than capable leader for council

I am a supporter of Jenny Hill for City Council, District 2. She will work to make infrastructure improvement a budgetary given, affordable housing for all a priority, and small and minority-owned business recruitment a major part of the City's economic development effort.

She will also work for responsible development on steep slopes and floodways as well as transparent, neighborhood-driven operation of city government.

Imagine early childhood care and education that adds to our public school system's efforts. What about a coordinated effort to create affordable housing for all the people in District 2? How about development of new parks and open spaces for everyone in North Chattanooga, Stuart Heights, Lupton City, Manchester Park and Hixson that the council will work on with the mayor?

Why wouldn't we voters of District 2 make progress possible by voting for Jenny Hill?

I know Jenny Hill and am consistently impressed with her insight, preparation and commitment to our community. I believe we're fortunate she is running for City Council. With your vote I know she is more than capable of being the voice for District 2 and a leader we can count on to do the hard work of moving Chattanooga forward.

Jerry Mitchell