Urging votes in support of candidate Jenny Hill

Our family is 100% in support of Jenny Hill as our new City Council member in District 2. I've known Jenny for almost 10 years, having met her when she was a volunteer board member of a local nonprofit that focuses on helping families make ends meet and avoid homelessness. Since then she has continued to raise her family here, operate a successful small business and be a good neighbor in every way. She has also shown what a good community leader she is in her service on the school board. She is fully capable of handling both part time posts on city council and the school board.

Jenny understands what it takes to fully understand complicated situations and then rolls up her sleeves and works with others on solid and long-term solutions that people can get behind. And she already has some creative ideas about education, infrastructure and quality-of-life solutions. This is just the kind of leadership we need on the city council. Please give her your vote on or before March 2.

Ann Coulter


Humans have gift of reason; use it

We're now in the age (first? Hardly) of fantastic claims, lies and lunacy. The GOP says Trump is a "former president" and therefore could not be tried. Trump, however, forbids his lawyers to ever call him "former president," implying he is still POTUS and thus very much capable of being tried.

Well, which is it?

In the dark, insane Middle Ages, "learned" men debated the number of angels that could dance on the head of a pen. When the age of reason began to dawn, thoughtful persons said, "OK, maybe. Show us the proof." That's science (and law.)

The late Carl Sagan said, "Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof." That must become our gold standard. If you want to quote QAnon, or other beloved guru, as truth-teller, first identify who "Q" is and then (preferably under oath) show us the proof of the claim. Someone denies gravity exists? OK, you may believe that, but let's test it. Step off this cliff.

Those putting forth fantastic scenarios should write fiction. Humans have been endowed with the gift of reason. Don't abuse it.

Thomas Rodgers

Dayton, Tennessee


Kelly's millions needed elsewhere

There's a lot to dislike about Tim Kelly's mega-funded media assault. Seeing a rich man pretend to fill potholes for a living is some audaciously condescending cultural appropriation.

But the fact that Tim Kelly honestly seems to think that potholes are the primary concern of Chattanoogans during a global pandemic that has left so many unemployed, food insecure and racked with medical debt speaks to how privileged and insulated from reality his life must be. The money he's spent on campaign ads could have benefited this community much more had he donated it to the food bank.

Scott Russell