Strong women say they'll oust Blackburn

To Marsha Blackburn and all who abdicated their duty to their oath of office: We, the strong women of Tennessee, told you what we needed. We were denied. We, the strong women of Tennessee, asked you to denounce the criminal con man who occupied the the White House. Again, we were denied.

Finally, we, the strong women of Tennessee, begged you to do the right thing and listen to the evidence during the trip and again, not only were we denied, but you had the audacity to read a book during the proceedings, ignoring the oath you swore to listen and weigh the evidence.

If you had an ounce of moral decency, you would have voted to convince. Here I'll paraphrase mothers, "We, the strong women of Tennessee put you in and we will take you out."

Sue Carol Elvin


Vote Bruell; oust old money, privilege

Chattanoogans of all races, ethnicities, genders and classes deserve a mayor who will work for them and include their diverse voices when important decisions get made.

Monty Bruell is the only mayoral candidate who has demonstrated he cares about social and economic justice, and will be accountable to the community should he win. As a community member who has seen him show up to our meetings and movements, I enthusiastically endorse Bruell for mayor.

Bruell will review and improve public transportation, include working people in the city boards that make important decisions regarding development, and implement clear steps to increase transparency and accountability in city government. He supports citizen-based initiatives that will make our city more equitable, particularly a community-based oversight board of the Chattanooga Police Department and a $15 minimum wage for city workers.

I support Bruell because he has committed to the people and organized movements fighting the power of the established centers of old money and white privilege that have formally and informally run this city since 1840.

I hope you will join me in this effort and consider Bruell for mayor. Make a plan to vote. The election is March 2.

Dr. Jaclyn A. Michael


Hinton has 'chops' to guide the city

I wholeheartedly throw my support and voice behind the mayoral candidacy of Wade Hinton, the right choice for Chattanooga.

He's got the right progressive platform, broad support from the community as demonstrated by the support pouring into his grassroots campaign, and solid experience inside municipal government to know what matters most.

Most importantly to me, Wade has the legal chops to understand and withstand the constant threat presented by the specter of legislative preemption from the state legislature. As lofty as the goals of all the candidates are, only Wade has the legal expertise to usher through changes that are resilient and sustainable for the citizens of Chattanooga.

A vote for Wade is a vote for Chattanooga's future.

Aaron Fowles