We need national grid system like UK

The recent failures in the electrical power supply across Texas have highlighted the shortcomings in the way our power suppliers mismanage their state systems. Texas may have been subjected to unusually low temperatures this time, but few would deny it is often subject to unusually high temperatures. If the margin of system capacity over average conditions is that low, who is to say it is not also liable to fail on ultra-hot days.

Texas is not alone. For example, like other states, in our heavily forested state of Tennessee we rely on vulnerable overhead transmission lines instead of buried ones. Time after time, falling tree branches cause unnecessary power outages, which may last for days. Repairing such damage is costly, yet we cannot find a way to finance a long-term program to bury power lines and eventually benefit from lower maintenance costs. The UK had similar problems until it completed its national grid system some 80 years ago. We need a similar grid system in the U.S. with common generating standards in each state to share the burden of unusual demands. Let Biden put that on his to-do list when considering updating our infrastructure.

Malcolm Bowden

McDonald, Tennessee


Help us preserve Georgia forests

The Jan. 30 article "U.S. Forest Service sued over federal rule change" in the Times Free Press referred to recent changes in the National Environmental Policy Act that basically eliminate public input. In addition to this dramatic change, the Forest Service is working on finalizing its Foothills Landscape project. Foothills is the largest project in the history of the Chattahoochee National-Oconee forests, encompassing over 150,000 acres and proposing over 60,000 acres of timber harvests and 70,000 of herbicide applications along with extensive trail and road work. The Foothills project covers one of the major areas in Murray County touching the Tennessee border. The Forest Service anticipates a decision on this project by August.

I would like to invite any one with interest to join Georgia ForestWatch ( Its mission is to protect, preserve and to restore the 867,000 acres of national forests in Georgia. We have firsthand knowledge of how the Forest Service works and typically partner with them in looking over the forests, and many times come to an agreement on specific forest actions.

Robin Hitner

Rock Spring, Georgia


McConnell, other senators cowards

It is so discouraging to have watched the amazing evidence presented by the House managers be completely disregarded by 43 senators. Even having Mitch McConnell admit, after the fact (again), that Trump was guilty of everything that was shown during the trial cannot erase the cowardliness of McConnell and those 42 individuals.

They voted not to convict because they were afraid of Trump, or they were planning their next fundraising event with Trump's followers and didn't want to impede their pocketbooks. I hope we remember that day, as we remember 1/6/2021. And when the mob comes again, remember to place the blame not on Trump, rather place that blame directly on these 43 cowards.

Scott C. Wilson