To win, Trump must enter time machine

What can Trump do now to overturn the Biden victory and still win back his second four-year term for Jan. 20, 2021?

Enter the White House time machine, propel himself back to the beginning of this year and do a competent job of handling the COVID-19 outbreak. Be straight with the American people. Make scientifically valid recommendations about how to limit the spread of the disease. Make the pain of the shutdowns in March and April meaningful so they actually make an impact on the spread of the disease, instead of undercutting those efforts. Use his presidential powers to build up the supply of PPE and other medical supplies needed to handle the first wave and then continue to prepare for the second and third waves.

If Trump hadn't bungled the U.S. response to the pandemic so egregiously, I think there's a good chance he could have won re-election, as horrific as that sounds.

The efforts he's making now to overturn the Biden victory are part of a con job to harvest money from deluded followers. It seems to have worked to the tune of a quarter billion dollars.

Rod Killian


Hopes Biden keeps our patriotic dream

When President Trump ran in 2016, he declared he wanted to make America great again. He kept his goals in focus, but there were many hurdles to cross. With his loss in the 2020 election, I wonder if America will ever be great again! Will his vision be kept alive?

When the new president takes office on Jan. 20, 2021, I hope he will keep the patriotic dream above self-interest.

Our democratic form of government, I believe, is the best form of government in the world. Still, I have some reservations that we must objectively consider. They are the hidden enemies among us. Some politicians and presidents put their self-interests above country. During elections, politicians fight like cats and dogs and try to win by hooks or crooks. Then the winning party becomes a dictator for the next four years. The losing party begins to plan how to disrupt the new dictator.

This is not a democratic or civilized behavior. If it is allowed to continue, then it will eventually destroy our way of governing. We will be living in chaos and be like Third World countries are run.

Amos Taj



Is GOP choosing autocracy, irreality?

Mo Brooks, a Republican Alabama representative, with other Republican representatives, are plotting a last-resort use of Congress' tallying of electoral results to reverse the certified Biden victory. The Constitution assigns the final confirmation of state electoral votes to the vice president.

A House of Representatives challenge must be submitted in writing with a senator's affixed signature. After chamber debate, a congressional majority decides a state's electoral certification validity. While not unprecedented, this Republican challenge alleges fraud and illegal voting in five swing states instrumental in defeating President Trump.

Of 57 lawsuits filed contesting these states' results, most were dismissed or withdrawn, including the Supreme Court's Texas appeal. No actual evidence or grievance was reported despite Trump's unabating tweets or favorable news sites continually reporting voter fraud.

What has happened to the GOP? Almost two-thirds of House Republicans, 126, joined the baseless Texas lawsuit, basically attempting to overturn a legitimate election and seat Donald Trump as an illegitimate president. Choosing irreality? Rejecting scientific pandemic guidelines, ignoring actual climate changes, and refusing to acknowledge racial discrimination? Ignoring reality? Embracing a cabal of politicians and a president determined to maintain power regardless of oath of office and risking democratic demise?

Tom Roark