Moon landing real, and Trump did lose

To Congressman Fleischmann and Sens. Blackburn and Hagerty: The earth is not flat, the Holocaust happened, the moon landing was real and Donald Trump lost the 2020 election.

By announcing that you will vote against certifying a presidential election for which there has been no evidence of fraud or misconduct presented and confirmed, you have made it clear your allegiance is not to the Constitution that you took an oath to defend, but rather to Donald Trump.

You are attempting to deny the will of the American people by overturning a national election, and history may well view your divisive actions as approaching treason.

Trump lost, and I can only hope that voters will remember your traitorous actions and that you will suffer the same fate in your next election.

Al Ezzell


'Trumplicans' have replaced Republicans

That Tennessee's Republicans in Congress are supporting a delay in certifying the 2020 electoral votes of other states reveals something very un-Republican about them: They want more, not less, federal government oversight. Republicans accuse Democrats of using the federal government to intervene in people's lives, but this is exactly what they are doing by having the federal government make states vote and re-vote until they come to the "right" decision.

Despite repeated investigations and court decisions upholding the results of other states' elections, these men and women are demonstrating they represent more the wants, wishes and whims of President Trump than of fair-minded Tennesseans.

They're no longer Republicans; they've become Trumplicans.

Grady Burgner



Efforts could affect our future elections

To Sen. Blackburn, Rep Fleischmann, Sen. Hagerty:

I was saddened but not surprised by your support of the GOP's latest effort to undo the 2020 presidential election.

This act on your part will do nothing to change the election's outcome but will further the divide in our country. Our future elections could well be negatively affected by your fostering silly election fraud conspiracy theories.

Shame on you and your GOP colleagues.

Jackson Taubert

Signal Mountain


GOP seditious with their actions

Nearly at a loss for words about Republican sedition, but not quite! Cruz, Blackburn, Rose and the other Republican clowns now stuffed in the car continue to spin around the center ring yelping and honking nonsensical stupidity.

But it isn't funny; it is seditious behavior. They are undermining the fundamental pillar of our republic, our electoral process.

How infuriating to hear Cruz et al. refer to "deep distrust" among some voters as if that originated from objective assessment by those voters. These Republicans are nothing more than leaders of an angry mob who have incited the mob with fear and rhetoric, then pointed to the screaming mass as proof of their position.

These Republicans have no facts revealing significant fraud or election process illegality. We keep hearing them repeat the same accusations that have been rejected by courts 51+ times for lack of standing and/or evidence, including two summery dismissals by the Supreme Court! This is sedition on the part of these Republicans.

The whole lot of them need to be held accountable for the damage to our country they are responsible for!

Robert Landry, M.D.