Hagerty, Blackburn saw the light too late

To Sens. Bill Hagerty, Marsha Blackburn, and Rep.Fleischmann:

I find your support in the "trial by combat" action, joining in with Trump, Giuliani, Cruz and the mass of insurrectionists disgusting. Hopefully, the thinking voters of Tennessee will remember your participation and accommodation in the next election.

If Georgia can do it, certainly Tennessee can too. Sens. Hagerty and Blackburn, your "change of heart" was too little and obviously too late!

Tom Evans


Chuck embarrasses himself and the GOP

Chuck Fleischmann is an embarrassment to his former profession (collection lawyer), but is typical of his current profession (disingenuous right-wing political hack).

Any first-year law student should realize that the litigation supported recently by Trump and filed by the Texas attorney general (who has spent the majority of his career under indictment for state securities fraud) that was also endorsed by 129 right-wing congressional stooges, including Fleischmann, was totally without merit.

It is reprehensible that an American who is both educated about and sworn to defend the U.S. Constitution can assault that sacred document. It is even more reprehensible that, without any training, he is so skilled at being a cowardly right-winger without a trace of ethical behavior.

Fleischmann ran as a conservative Republican, obviously another fallacy. The conservative part is beyond laughable. If he is the face of the modern Republican Party, then there is no Republican Party.

Hank Hill


GOP has bought into Trump cult

Donald Trump created a cult of personality for himself which has become most damaging to our institutions. Followers of the cult agreed when Trump falsely claimed that Article II gave him unlimited power not subject to the subpoenas of Congress as provided by the Constitution.

Cult members still claim the election was stolen from Trump, an absurd, unfounded contention.

Russia's cyber attack was attributed to China by Trump with presumed approval of his cult.

Has the Republican Party become a cult of personality? It exists as a threat to our democracy and the functions of the republic for which we stand.

John Bratton



Trump, GOP, enablers are on wrong side of history

Mitch McConnell said, in a joint session of Congress, in a nice way that Trump is full of it. It was amazing to see. He lectured GOP members who protested counting electoral votes on why they were wrong to protest. He educated them on constitutional law, and he warned them that their actions could cause permanent damage to our representative democracy.

It was a remarkable speech. You could have heard a pin drop while he was talking. The bottom line is that Mike Pence and McConnell openly and publicly defied the president.

It is sad and unforgivable that they waited until Trump was nearly done to finally do the right thing. They will be remembered as cowards and boosters of his illegal and amoral actions in office. Trump and GOP "leaders" will go down on the wrong side of history for sure.

Jordy Lawson


Impeach Trump now, then recall Chuck

There were plenty of grounds to do it the first time and a mountain's worth now. Impeach Trump. Cabinet members are cowering and resigning instead of doing the right thing and invoking the 25th Amendment. The events of the past four years, capped off by those of the past few weeks and days, demand impeachment.

Once done, a recall of Chuck Fleischmann would be most appropriate as well for his untruthful and dishonorable behavior.

Michael W. Lawrence