Health care workers should get vaccine

I read with dismay the Jan. 9 article "Vaccine rollout hits snag as health workers balk at shots" in the TFP. The world's best scientists and pharmaceutical companies worked day and night to develop a safe, effective vaccine in record time, only to be refused by health care workers who ought to know better.

Only one out of 3.12 million COVID-19 vaccinations results in a "significant reaction," whereas 1.20 deaths occur in every 100 cases of COVID-19. One in every 1,000 Americans has died of COVID-19. A third-grader can understand this math.

Over the last 100 years vaccines have prevented untold millions of deaths that otherwise would have occurred due to measles, mumps, polio, smallpox, yellow fever, influenza, viral encephalitis and meningitis.

There is only one way to stop this pandemic: herd immunity. There is only one good way to gain herd immunity: immunization by vaccination. The only other way involves widespread and unnecessary illness and death.

I received the initial Moderna vaccination on Jan. 7. It didn't hurt a bit, and I feel fine.

Don't believe the misinformation, and don't be a coward.

Dr. Thomas F. Phelps

Sewanee, Tennessee


What will Bennett draw for next four years?

For the past four years, I have had to endure the so-called cartoons of Clay Bennett. At best, they have been disgusting; at worst, they have been hate-filled.

Will Bennett now flood us with cartoons of a haloed Joe Biden walking on water for the next four years? Or will he continue to spew his hate for Trump?

What a shame the TFP gives Bennett a pulpit for such unwanted and unwarranted garbage.

Michael Chambers

Cleveland, Tennessee


Couple heartbroken over theft of beloved cat

A little more than a year ago, my daughter found a kitten in the basement of an empty house she was cleaning and brought him to us. He looked more dead than alive. We guessed his age to be only two weeks old; he was so tiny. I fed him on a bottle till he got where he could eat on his own (his favorite food is Alley Cat).

You know, little lady, not only did you take our cat, but you took our hearts, too. I don't know who you are, but God does.

My husband, who has Alzheimer's and is bipolar, is especially wrought over Tigie. He misses him so much; he is heartbroken. You took our Tigie right out of our yard at Thanksgiving. He is dark gray with black stripes. You were in a silver Nissan Rogue. We hold no ill will toward you; we just want our Tigie back.

Please bring him back home where he is genuinely loved and missed.

Thomas and Nora Cook


Fleischmann vote was against people's will

Rep. Fleischmann, your vote against certification of the Electoral College vote is a vote against the will of the American people and is an act of treason against our democracy. You personally attempted to overthrow the valid election of our next president, Joe Biden.

President Trump has been a curse on America, and your attempt to expand this curse and to gain support of Trump in your next election is shameful and cowardly.

I used to think you were capable of showing courage, but you obviously are not. You have become another hollow politician in a nice suit. Facts are facts; the truth matters. You used to practice law; you know this.

Follow the facts. Follow the truth. "Then you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."

Erskine Mabee

Sale Creek, Tennessee