Being unhinged Trump's problem

On Jan. 6, we Americans, along with millions of people around the world, witnessed a textbook example of sedition perpetrated by the very one sworn to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States" and, by implication, her people. Unless much has changed since I was studying American history and government, sedition is classified as a high crime and carries with it serious consequences.

Since Jan. 6, I have heard several commentators use the word "unhinged" to describe the sitting president's mental state, and I would agree that is an apt description, predating, in my judgment, the last four years. It is highly likely a reason for what we have witnessed. In this case, however, it must not become an excuse.

Marcia Williams Kling


Give no respect; get no respect

The only person who beat Trump was Trump himself. You can pontificate about it, write letters to the editor, divide your family, lose best friends and still not admit we all are responsible for the state of our country.

I do not know how anyone could handle being told they are so hated each and every day. Trump, I believe, handled it by hating back.

After four years, people were dog-tired of all the hatred spewed from his mouth, name-calling, personal attacks, firing folks who did not agree with him. He listened to no one.

By Election Day, people had enough. I heard many people that had voted for him before say, "I cannot take any more."

Give no respect. Get no respect. Donald Trump beat Donald Trump.

Ruth Cote



Fleischmann needs political 'intervention'

Comes now congressman Rep. Chuck Fleischmann to excuse President Trump of any personal responsibility for inciting insurrectionists to invade the Capitol, resulting in five deaths and the safe evacuation of Vice President Pence and members of Congress.

His naïveté is overwhelming. Did Fleischmann watch Trump's speech before the invasion? When he whipped up the crowd by lying that "the election was stolen from you," and telling them to march to the Capitol and "fight like hell" against certification of the electoral votes affirming Joe Biden's election.

Fleischmann's denunciation of the attack as "an affront to our Republic" was hypocritical: When the certification proceedings resumed, he committed his own affront to democracy by voting for an objection to certifying the electoral votes, alleging mysterious "irregularities" in the election.

Few of us were surprised by his toadyism. After all, Fleischmann was one of 126 representatives who disgraced themselves by joining the Texas attorney general's ludicrous petition asking the Supreme Court to overturn four states' election results, thus erasing Biden's victory.

Whether he realizes it or not, Fleischmann desperately needs a political intervention. Or put another way, a strong opponent in the 2022 Republican primary election who, when elected, won't embarrass the Third District.

Michael Loftin