Guess Democrats must be smarter

I guess the Democrats are smarter than the Republicans thought they were.

They rigged the election in several states by enlisting or fooling Republican governors, Republican election officials, Republican-appointed judges, the Republican-stacked Supreme Court and the best lawyers Republicans could find in several states.

If the Democrats are indeed that smart, they should be elected.

Bill Hayes



Certifying election was 'finest' hour for most

I encourage all Americans of goodwill to join me in applauding the courage of those members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives who met their constitutional obligation to accept the certified ballots of the Electoral College. They did so in spite of the significant danger to which they had been exposed.

History should regard this as among their finest hours.

James W. Hiestand


Choosing candidates is our big problem

Re: America's political scene. Journalists, wake up. Lack of unity is not the political problem. When siblings fight, Mom intervenes with "Stop your fighting or ...!"

This works for irreplaceable children, not so for politicians. Disagreement is part of, and essential in, the democratic governing process.

What is essential are politicians with strength of character, strong moral compass, compassion, etc.

The problem is how do we effectively and fairly identify and choose this kind of person as our officials? Maybe a law forbidding a person leaping from untested obscurity to a high position without first "fighting in the trenches" is needed.

Michael Mainz


Georgia runoffs: must-mute TV

Being a Tennessee resident, I was not eligible to vote in the recent Georgia Senate runoff election. But Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue could not have done a worse job of campaigning if they tried. Maybe they were trying to do that badly.

They built their races around character assassination, constantly demeaning and accusing their opponents rather than giving voters any good reasons at all to vote for them. There was no talk about why they were qualified and deserved the votes of the constituents. Since they would not be representing me directly, I had no personal stake in the election, but I found their campaign ads nauseating. I made good use of my TV's mute button. Not that Ossoff and Warnock did any better.

Maybe Loeffler and Perdue got caught up in the Trump syndrome of disparaging and throwing stones at anyone who disagreed with them, but I can sympathize with Georgia voters who found themselves unable to cast votes and hold their noses at the same time.

The coming days, weeks, months and years will be interesting. The American electorate has made its collective bed. Now it will have to sleep in it. Sweet dreams!

Robert J. Tamasy