Hamilton County's vaccine example good one

I think that a big thanks is due the Hamilton County Health Department and all of the employees and volunteers who are manning the first-shot vaccine lines at the River Park.

Recently, my wife and I had appointments, which had been made on line for 12:30-1 p.m. on an app which functioned exceptionally well. We arrived at 12:15 and were greeted at each step of the way by very professional, friendly personnel. After getting our shots and waiting the prescribed 20 minutes, we departed at 1:05.

It is good to see our county setting such a good example for others.

Patrick M. Roark



Signal community steps up for fire, police pros

On behalf of the 46 police and fire officers and their families of the Town of Signal Mountain, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to the 2020 S.M. Robertson Police & Fire Christmas Fund.

The fund was started over 50 years ago. We continue to see the generosity of the citizens of this great community and how blessed the police and fire officers are by this expression of their efforts and sacrifice.

In light of the financial challenges so many have had in 2020, we didn't know how the fund would do this year. We were pleasantly surprised to see 2020 being one of the two largest years in the fund's history, which is such a testament of the generosity in our community.

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of seeing firsthand the faithful support of our community. May God grant you and yours peace, safety and happiness during the coming year!

T. W. Francescon Jr.

Signal Mountain


Devoted 'Mark Trail' fan irritated with changes

I know this is a small irritation, kind of like comparing a flea bite to a plague (and yes, I do know that a flea bite can cause a plague).

But what has happened to [comic strip] Mark Trail? Someone has turned the handsome Mark into a thug and his beautiful Cherry into a bimbo. Good heavens, they have even made the beautiful dog Andy ugly. Come on.

I've been reading the Mark Trail strip for more than 70 years. Whoever is writing/drawing it now should do better. Is nothing sacred? Don't destroy all of my idols.

Naomi E. Wilkins

Rising Fawn, Georgia


Senators: Convict to retain integrity

Sens. Blackburn and Hagerty: During my long teaching career, I often told students that nothing we have or attain has worth if we have no integrity. In recent years, I have unfortunately seen a grievous lack of integrity, particularly in the political realm.

As senators, you will vote whether to convict Donald Trump of inciting an insurrection. We have seen his tweets and speeches exhorting white supremacists to "stand back and stand by," "fight like hell" against a "stolen" election and "stop the steal." Moreover, we have seen clips of insurrectionists who, on Jan. 6, stormed the Capitol in Washington, D.C., claiming they were doing so at Trump's behest.

Those messages leave no doubt Trump was guilty of inciting insurrection. During the trial, you will surely hear more Trump admonitions that rioters claimed encouraged their egregious behavior that fateful day.

You ran for office promising to promote Trump's agenda; however, you should question the wisdom of supporting such a dangerous, mendacious, cruel man. Given Trump's directive to storm the Capitol, if you have even a scintilla of integrity, you must vote to convict him.

Do right by Tennesseans and Americans. Vote to convict, and reclaim your integrity.

Karen Claypool