We may be in for a surprise about UFOs

If you had asked me five to 10 years ago, I would've shrugged off the alarming news about unidentified flying objects. Nevertheless, in the last year, reports from naval pilots and other sources have confirmed that these flying turbos are for real. The latest government report confirms this in no uncertain terms but also conveys the impression the darting UFOs, these whirling dervishes in the sky, cannot be ruled out as aliens.

Well, then what are we to conclude? That avionics in Russia or China have advanced at that at much greater a pace than U.S. technology? I think not. In recent days and for possibly greater periods in the past, these whirling space vehicles have been canvassing our military installations. Call it just a hunch, but I seriously expect that we are in for a great surprise when the truth is uncovered about these incredible space machines.

Bob Jack



Virus risks outweigh dangers of vaccine

This is an open letter to the 60% of Tennesseans who aren't fully vaccinated against COVID. I'm not a physician or politician, just someone who is concerned about the consequences of your decision to remain unprotected. I, like millions of others, have safely been vaccinated, because the risks of getting sick far outweigh any danger from the shot.

The efficacy of the vaccines is evident as the number of cases around the country has dropped dramatically since they were available. This newspaper recently reported that nearly all COVID deaths now are among the unvaccinated. Our county has lost more than 500 residents to the pandemic, and now with the vaccines we really have the chance to turn the tide of the disease, even considering the variants.

I wish you'd consider whether your decision is based on false internet conspiracies or fact. Is it worth risking the lives of more of our citizens for you to continue to avoid getting the shot? You could save lives and help all of us put this pandemic behind us if you roll up your sleeve and get the shot.

Cathy Dreger


GOP subservient to con man Trump

Despite attempts to distort the record about Jan. 6, we know what happened in the Capitol was a violent insurrection attempt and was incited by Donald Trump.

Like other would-be dictators, Trump cannot accept the fact he was voted out of office in a legitimate election, validated by appropriate officials in all 50 states (many of them Republicans) and upheld by courts up to the Supreme Court. Despite a lack of evidence, Trump and his sycophants continue to perpetuate the "Big Lie" the election was stolen. This is exacerbated by conspiracy theorists and right-wing "screaming voices," as described by John McCain in one of his last addresses to Congress.

One disturbing aspect of this is the extent to which the political party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan has become subservient to a con artist like Trump. This is resulting in the marginalization of capable, honest leaders like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney.

If something doesn't change, many of us will have no recourse other than to vote solidly Democrat — in spite of some policy misgivings. From a historical perspective, it seems far better to be on the side of FDR than of Vladimir Putin.

David Thomas

Signal Mountain


Trump's predictions haven't come true

Trump said the market would crash once Biden becomes president. It did not. What do Trump supporters think about that?

Like all his other nonsensical predictions, Trump spread a virus hoax conspiracy that the coronavirus would "disappear." That prediction crashed and burned.

Bitter, angry and inconsolable, Trump predicted the entire country would go to hell if Americans elected Joe Biden president. Well, that crashed too. He then attempted to convince the average Joe on the street that he, Joe Citizen, would lose his retirement because 401k plans would suffer without Trump at the helm.

When Trump tried desperately to frighten the nation, he told his adherents and anyone else who was listening that unless they voted for him, Biden would remove God from America. Trump crashed and burned.

And if the world hasn't been laughing these past four years, it's guffawing hysterically now.

Rod Killian


Federal government not to be in a state

When I was in school (a long time ago), we were taught that the federal government could not be located in any one state. For that reason, several states gave land in order to create the federal District of Columbia. If Washington, D.C., were to become a state, where would they move the federal government?

Patricia J. Treadwell

Dunlap, Tennessee


Stand up to Second Amendment attacks

The left's irrational attack on the Second Amendment continues.

One of the latest ways is to threaten legal, legitimate gun shops with government oppression by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). The new ATF director during his confirmation hearing sounded like a left-wing, anti-Second Amendment zealot. It's no accident Biden chose him to run that agency.

The few times candidate Biden came out of his basement to make a statement or campaign during 2020, he made clear his disdain for what he calls assault weapons. The term "assault weapons" continues to be the undefined bugaboo of the left. Now the administration is talking about "holding rogue firearms dealers" accountable. What does that even mean? It sounds like they are trying to intimidate dealers and firearms buyers with a vague term they can twist anyway they want.

The July 3 Times Free Press article, page B2, mentioned "attacking root causes," but only mentioned guns. There are so many "root causes" of the current surge in violence across America that to focus on only guns makes it clear this is a targeted attack on the Second Amendment.

We must stand firm in our resistance to this overreach.

Rusty Lacy

Rossville, Georgia


Bathroom bill makes Tennessee look bad

When most people use a public bathroom, they're not interested in who is in the next stall. I fail to see where bathroom laws are necessary. But the solution to the problem is not to go off on some convoluted legal tangent, which is of course one of the ACLU's specialties.

Furthermore, with the reading level of many Southerners, who is going to read the darn bathroom signs anyway?

The law is a joke, the legislator who introduced it is a joke, and the ACLU is even a bigger joke.

I have already heard someone in Dalton refer to Tennessee as the "transgender bathroom state." Good work, guys. What will you do for an encore up there?

Charles Hyder

Dalton, Georgia