Support of Trump hard to understand

It is difficult to understand the continuing Trump support of many evangelicals and some Roman Catholic hierarchy and clergy, particularly after Trump's instigation of the Jan. 6 riots on the Capitol, resulting in destruction and death.

Trump is an unrepentant adulterer, and he bragged about abuse of women. Under the Trump administration and with his direction, hundreds of refugee children were torn from their mothers' arms with no provision made for reunion. According to St. Matthew's Gospel (18:6), better an abuser of any child who has come to him have a millstone around his neck and be dropped to the depths of the sea.

It is sad to note that some in authority do not adhere to the requirements of their faith, but most Christian clergy are dedicated to them.

John Bratton


A sarcastic take on COVID variant

Sarcasm – the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

Gov. Bill Lee and the Republican Covidiots in the legislature are being chastised for their attempts to quash information promoting vaccinations for COVID-19. But they're actually doing the state and country a huge favor.

Most members of our society who refuse to be vaccinated are, at best, conservatives and, at worst, ReTrumplicans. The delta variant of the virus could be a solution — it spreads quickly and is more deadly than the original virus, and it appears to be attracted to those who are unvaccinated. So, the unvaccinated are much more likely to die from the virus.

Ultimately, the vaccinated will be able to replace the current elected Covidiots with intelligent members of society. So, Gov. Lee, keep up the good and deadly work.

James M. Hemsley


Learn about Hemlock treatment methods

The Eastern hemlock, the hemlock most common in this area, is threatened with extinction from an exotic, invasive insect from Japan. First sighted in 1950 in Virginia, the hemlock wooly adelgid (HWA) has devastated the Eastern hemlock from Maine to Georgia.

The Hemlock Conservation Task Force, a subcommittee of the Signal Mountain Tree Board, has worked to protect the hemlocks on private and public lands since 2013. We demonstrate and educate on private lands, and we treat the hemlocks on public lands. Our goal is to protect as many hemlocks as possible.

Indications of HWA infestation include cottony white egg cases on the underside of the limbs most visible in the spring. Other indications are sparse needles, a thinning crown and a sickly gray-green color.

The Hemlock Conservation Task Force will demonstrate treatment methods and answer questions on Aug. 15 at 2 p.m., at the Mountain Arts Community Center, 809 Kentucky Ave., Signal Mountain. We invite everyone to participate. Bugs do not recognize political boundaries.

Barbara G. Womack, Signal Mountain