East Brainerd project will be a headache

I cannot believe that the Planning Commission endorsed the "new" proposed use of the former East Brainerd Elementary School property. Are you kidding?

About 210 apartments, which at a minimum is 210 more vehicles pouring onto one of the busiest roads in Hamilton County. Have any of them been on East Brainerd at any time of the day, other than 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.?

The backup of traffic heading to the intersection of East Brainerd and Gunbarrel is horrendous, yet we are going to add more cars, plus retail? Does no one have any common sense?

More than 300 East Brainerd residents asked to be heard just days before this announcement, but once again, deaf ears. We need to curb some growth until infrastructure catches up.

Take a look at the condition of Gunbarrel Road, complete with giant potholes that a vehicle is unable to avoid, then take a look at Davidson Road, a well-traveled road in horrid condition.

And dare I say, perhaps they are planning another development on Davidson Road, since they have spent months moving dirt around and leveling the ground. I shudder to think if that happens. Davidson Road would total a new car in months.

Nancy Williams


COVID vs. terrorist attacks: no contest

Most likely, you have not noticed that it has been several years since we have had any kind of radical terrorist attack and almost 20 years since we have had an airplane hijacked.

Meanwhile, the chances of an airline passenger dying from COVID contracted while flying are about a million times greater than the chance of dying due to an airline hijacking. And yet, like an old general fighting the last war, the TSA is still searching every airline passenger as if one of us is a terrorist.

The TSA would be much more effective at saving lives if they required each passenger to show proof of full vaccination. No one has a God-given right to infect other people with a virus that is highly transmissible, potentially lethal and easily preventable with a simple vaccine.

Jim Olson


Officer's discipline shows inconsistency

A 24-year veteran of the McMinn Sheriff's Department was suspended three days, losing about $600, for taking a teenager to Knoxville for an abortion and collection of DNA evidence, after she was raped.

The deputy involved must also take classes in ethics training and sexual abuse case management, and was demoted to the property crimes investigation unit. The sheriff who laid out all the consequences had indicated he was not an advocate for abortion, for any reason.

It seems to this writer the judgment was a bit over the top. We've all seen many bully policemen suspended with paid leave after beating suspects nearly to death, then later exonerated. In this case the officer is severely punished. Go figure.

Tom Baker