Don't be so quick to judge choices

To the recent letter writer who hopes all unvaccinated will die from COVID: I'm 69 and at high risk. For a year, I barely left the house and wore masks when out. When I tried getting a vaccine, all were booked. I wanted to get the J&J vaccine until I found out about the blood clot issue. I have a history of them. I contracted COVID, was pretty sick, but recovered at home. I now have the antibodies that you have from the vaccine.

My husband, a Vietnam vet, contracted COVID and now also has antibodies. There have been reports of healthy people experiencing severe reactions (including death) after receiving the second vaccine.

Earlier this month, Judicial Watch received 75 pages of Department of Veterans Affairs records of adverse reactions veterans had to vaccines. This included 895 serious reactions, such as: 20 cardiac arrests, 36 strokes, 15 cases of blood clots, 10 heart attacks, and 19 pulmonary embolisms. Also, 26,000 less serious reactions were reported.

This is still an experimental vaccine. I don't hate you for your choices. Instead, I'll pray that God softens your heart.

Donna M. Brewer



What is this Biden lunacy all about?

President Biden has done a number of very strange and inexplicable things since taking office in January. He shut down the Keystone pipeline project on day one. Recently, he removed the sanctions that had halted the Russian gas pipeline that was to feed into Europe. This is an amazing financial reward for Russia with no strings attached.

Why would Biden want to punish our country so severely by the Keystone shutdown, then turn around and reward the Russians in such a lucrative manner? His actions make no rational sense at all.

Another inexplicable and irrational thing he has done is to open wide our Southern border. Some 170,000 illegals per month are now walking unhindered into our country. A country without secure borders is a country that no longer has sovereignty. The Biden administration is treating these illegals better than any legal U.S. citizen is treated by paying all their transportation, food, housing, medical and educational costs. What is this lunacy all about?

J. Johns

Ringgold, Georgia


Thinking strategy on foreign policy

I'm not sure if missiles or Iran's drones have a chance of first-strike capability. If so, or if some countries think so, we need to take preventive steps. The same applies to nuclear weapons, and perhaps even poison gas.

If there is a chance of conquest by China, Iran, or North Korea — or a chance of destruction by any of those countries or by Russia — we need a freeze on new missiles and/or weapons of those sorts; there should be immediate inspection of suspicious sites in order to verify this.

Perhaps the way to do this is by offering and/or establishing increased trade while threatening increased sanctions, with the spread wide enough they won't want to chance our missing any of the sites. In the case of Russia, perhaps we might take diplomatic steps such as inviting them to join NATO. In the case of North Korea, perhaps we might give them a choice between denuclearizing the Korean peninsula or putting enough arms in South Korea to destroy them.

Perhaps we can bring up human rights, and perhaps we can get China to stop supporting North Korea if nothing else works with the latter.

Alvin Blake