Masking up again will help us all

The public was concerned enough about the spread of tuberculosis in 1896 to enact laws against spitting on sidewalks or indoor public buildings because it was understood that the disease was spread by spitting.

Why does it seem so hard for some members of the public to understand now that people spread the COVID virus and its mutations by simply breathing it out into the air around them where other people can inhale the virus and it can lodge itself in their lungs?

The easiest way to prevent the spread of these viruses which have killed more than 605,000 Americans is to wear a mask. Were Americans at the end of the 19th century more realistic than the Americans today, who refuse to wear masks and who may condemn others for simply covering their noses to keep out the virus?

Beyond wearing a mask, Americans need to be vaccinated to halt the spread of the virus. They have survived being vaccinated for flu, and in fact, there has been a mild flu season this year because the Americans who are not superstitious about wearing a mask have protected themselves and others.

Virginia M. Jones, Oak Ridge


McEnany bent the truth to help Trump

Rob Preston, the president of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce, has defended his scheduling of former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany to speak at a fundraiser by saying, "She's a strong Christian ... ."

Throughout her tenure in Donald Trump's White House, McEnany repeatedly bent, stretched and outright broke the truth time and time again to defend her boss and his cronies. Even before she became press secretary, she was given to making ridiculous comments, making it clear that she is in utter thrall to Trump, such as this statement she made to Trish Regan of the Fox Business Channel in February 2020: "He [Trump] will always protect American citizens. We will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here. We will not see terrorism come here."

If McEnany is a "strong Christian" in the eyes of Preston, all I can say is that I hope I never meet anyone he considers "evil."

David Cofield, LaFayette, Georgia


Elected reps: Your priority is the voter

The United States is a representative form of government. This means members of Congress are elected to represent the majority of their constituents who dutifully voted.

This does not include those who didn't vote, could've voted or who might one day possibly vote. It includes those who voted. If you are a true representative not worried about a lifetime of office or the next election, but rather worried about who elected you, this should be your main concern.

Get on with it, and promptly move on when this is not the case.

Mike Wolford, Hixson


Why no media coverage of riots?

Can you please explain to your reading public why you choose to report and condemn only the Jan. 6 riot?

Why is there absolutely no condemnation, let alone coverage of the George Floyd riots, looting, arson, destruction of public and private property and deaths of more than 25 people including the assignation of almost a dozen policemen with $2 billion in property damage?

Is it because they all occurred in Democratic-controlled cities and with the media's support and encouragement?

Jeff Wilson, Ooltewah