Military is headed in wrong direction

Under the current leadership of the U.S. defense department, the military is being slammed into woke ideology which is bound to undermine and defang the primary purpose of the defense department and the military.

The secretary of defense has made it clear that he seeks to purge the military of all extremism. The problem is his definition of extremism includes the opposite party's ideology, which is based on capitalism and the theory of the army and military which is based on defeating the enemy.

Not only is the direction being taken by the defense department un-American in nature, it undermines the very essence of a democratic-driven military intended to represent the entirety of American values.

Bob Jack



Save electric carts for handicapped

After four emails to Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, castigating him for the abominable treatment of the disabled who must hobble through his stores without being able to use the electric shopping carts that any lazy slob is permitted to use, and receiving no answer, I have decided to expose the uncaring mogul he is.

Anyone who merely doesn't wish to walk can use the carts, and there is no requirement on anyone who uses them to bring them back into the store. Instead, these carts are left in the parking lot for the weather to damage and where the batteries run down from not being plugged in to charge. This is inexcusable handicapped abuse and a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

McMillon should be forced to institute and enforce a policy that provides the handicapped with enhanced access to these carts upon presentation to the greeter of a standard handicapped "placard" of the type that entitles them to use handicapped parking spaces.

This takes care of Walmart's argument that it is too difficult to tell who is and is not handicapped since the Department of Motor Vehicles has already done that.

Richard W. Shultz


Let's regain normalcy with 2022 elections

The president of the United States seems to be obsessed with racism and white supremacy. He sees a racist under every rock and behind every tree.

There have always been racists and white supremacists, just like there are radicals on the left. If he were honest, he would condemn all forms of extremism, but he ignores those of his own party. That requires honesty, which he apparently does not possess.

He and his administration appear to be trying to whip up a frenzy among Americans. Hopefully, most Americans will see through this attempt to demonize anyone who disagrees with him.

This republic has withstood demagogues before. Let's hope and pray we can do it this time and that the 2022 elections will bring in some sense of reason and normalcy to our body politic.

Rusty Lacy

Rossville, Georgia