Don't even think about narrowing South Broad Street

I was alarmed to see that plans for continued improvement of Chattanooga's downtown/riverfront area might include narrowing South Broad Street to two traffic lanes.

Any thought of limiting vehicle traffic on South Broad should be abandoned immediately. That area carries commuter traffic from Lookout Mountain, the growing Chattanooga Valley area and St. Elmo to downtown. It is also a major route for tourist traffic and interstate access, not to mention all of the people avoiding Interstate 24 when it is backed up almost daily.

There is space in South Chattanooga to build a bicycle trail connecting those areas. Doing this would be a better route for cyclists and walkers than a "bike lane" on a busy street that motorists in a hurry will use as a turn lane, as they now do on North Market Street, M.L King Boulevard, etc.

Allen Chesney



Are Americans on 'backsliding' path?

At a Memorial Day ceremony in Hudson, Ohio, retired Army Lt. Col. Barnard Kemter, in a speech detailing the origins of Memorial Day, attempted to share a story about more than 200 freed Black slaves who honored deceased Union soldiers shortly after the end of the Civil War. But event organizers, who had asked him not to include this story, turned off his microphone to prevent the majority of the audience from hearing it.

For many, this means omitting any favorable stories about people of color and perhaps even more prevalent, covering up stories that show white people committing deplorable racist actions.

In Tulsa, many are finally beginning to acknowledge the horrors of the Tulsa massacre. But here in Tennessee, the goal still remains to keep all the ugliness covered up. How many Tennesseans are aware, for example, of the Knoxville riot of 1919? As in Tulsa, this riot began with suspicion, rumor, and, above all, racism.

Our Tennessee legislature now insists that we cover our eyes, pretend these things never happened, and worst of all, that we do everything possible to deny our students the opportunity to learn the truth. We are clearly living in a time that lying seems to be the preferred response whenever we find ourselves confronted with truths that are inconvenient, disturbing or threatening.

We are clearly on the path of a "backsliding democracy." How far will we backslide? Are there enough Americans committed to democracy to put us back on the right path?

Verbie Lovorn Prevost



QAnon followers: Silence is deafening

In case any further evidence is needed, here is a comprehensive list of the things QAnon followers have believed that have come true:

David C. Redheffer

Ringgold, Georgia


More racism denied, more it is proven

Thank you for your May 30 coverage of Republicans "at work" forbidding any public schools from saying anything about racism or sexism. Mum's the word. There would be no hearings — not any input from those who actually know a lot about this important subject,

As for the written language, the Republicans decided to copy Oklahoma. What a perfect choice: 100 years of racism, Jim Crow and the worst massacre in American history, not counting the genocide of Native Americans.

Our brains cannot live with the horrors and injustices, so we deny and rewrite the bad parts. But accurate memories and a couple of backhoes will keep truth alive. In fact, the more racism is denied, the more it is proven.

Let's recognize that human beings are social animals and that without each other we will perish.

Blake Moore


Immigrant children not all 'trafficked'

I would like to comment about the article in the Times Free Press on June 5, 2021: "Lee blasts 'trafficking' of migrant children."

Gov. Lee is fueling a myth about trafficking by using incorrect terminology of the issue of "trafficking."

This is not a term that should be bantered around for gain in an argument of state versus the federal government.

Immigrant children do not get trafficked into nor inside the federal immigration system of the U.S.

This false narrative is playing into the conspiracy theories that are keeping good people confused with misleading headlines.

I expect better of a state official and a city newspaper.

Lynne Marchetti


Teaching the truth about Tulsa tragedy

My mother witnessed a terrible event when she was a child. She saw white men and Black men in the street shooting shotguns and roman candles at each other; white men attacking Blacks with axes and farm tools. She was 6, standing in her uncle's pharmacy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 1, 1921. She saw the race massacre on Greenwood Avenue. And she saw Black families a few days later walking along the Frisco railroad tracks at the back of her family farm, carrying their belongings with them. She only spoke of this experience once, during the urban riots in the 1960s. She clearly carried the trauma of witnessing it as a burden. Yet, I was never taught that such an event had happened.

Five generations of Black people throughout the country have been burdened with the trauma of the burning of the Black Wall Street, while I was protected from being a "brainwashed and resentful (white) student." This is not an academic theory; it is an historical fact witnessed by my mother but hidden by policies and laws that banned teaching about such events, enforced by threat of punishment, or worse. Why do we consider teaching the truth a crime?

Betty D. Morris


Fauci, Wuhan lab theory = trust crisis

COVID-19 erupted in the U.S. over a year ago with its horrific devastation. The most urgent questions needing answers: Where did it come from, and what can be done to prevent this from ever occurring again?

Two main theories emerged: (1) That it came through a natural means transmitted by bats being sold at the "wet market" in Wuhan. (2) That it came out of the lab in Wuhan where experiments were being carried out on the coronaviruses from bats.

Just recently, most of the consensus points to the Wuhan lab as the likely source of the origins of COVID-19.

Very troubling though, is why did most of the media and the WHO side so strongly early on with the Chinese government and its false propaganda position? And why did they smear and attack those who supported the correct theory? Why did Dr. Fauci (even though he still denies this) approve funds that ended up going to the Wuhan lab to aid it in its dangerous experiments?

Because of all of this, we now have a serious trust crisis. And serious questions remain about Dr. Fauci's competence with his many flip-flops and inaccurate statements and answers.

J.L. Johns

Ringgold, Georgia


Lightfoot and Mountain City Vintage Base Ball players recreate America's favorite pastime

Vintage Base Ball has been played for five years at Barnhardt Circle's polo field. The local clubs, the Lightfoot and Mountain City clubs, are members of the Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball. The clubs travel across the state and to Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, to bring living history by recreating America's favorite pastime. Players wear period-style uniforms and play by 1864 rules. The players also volunteer at the 6th Cavalry Museum with fundraising events, participate in benefit games and offer programs for youth baseball teams.

The organizers and players have brought a wonderful community event to Fort Oglethorpe. Thank you to the Lightfoot and Mountain City players, the arbiters (umpires) and the fans who cheer them on.

Chris McKeever

6th Cavalry Museum executive director