Digging up dead is out of bounds

The remains of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife have been dug up from a park in Memphis and moved to a Confederate museum. Gen. Forrest was a grand wizard in the KKK and therefore is hated. How much did that cost the taxpayers?

Sen. Robert Byrd and his wife's remains are in the Columbia Gardens Cemetery in Arlington Va., very close to Arlington National Cemetery. He was an organizer and member of the KKK. He organized 150 men to start a new KKK chapter. That was apparently just fine. Joe Biden gave the eulogy at his funeral. Said he was a mentor and good friend. No hate there. How ironic.

If we start digging up the remains of all the people some group hates, we will have more holes in the ground than chipmunks make in my yard daily.

I have heard that soon all remains of the dead will be ground up and spread around like fertilizer. That is a good way to end that hate issue.

I'm not sure God ever intended the remains of the dead be dug up for any reason. I think we may be out of bounds on this issue.

Ruth Cote



Overt misstatements clearly not helpful

One of the problems in the political divisions in the country is the willingness of so many people to make remarks that clearly are at variance with the facts. In the recent Letters to the Editor in the TFP, one of the writers makes a statement that is a blatant misstatement of fact, one which no reasonable person would mistake for a factual statement.

That statement implies very directly that "Republicans are forbidding any public schools from saying anything about racism or sexism." Now, how is that helpful to the public discourse? Do we wish to understand each other, or is our need only to make wild statements to paint the other side as idiotic? This statement says more about the letter writer than it does about the Republicans.

Bart McPherson

Hiawassee, Georgia


Planned Parenthood is our best solution

Reading your front page story on June 12, 2021, on abortion, it caused me to think about ways to reduce abortion. To do that, it may be useful to look at countries that have significantly lower abortion rates than the United States. One is the Netherlands. Its abortion rate is below 1/3 that of the United States as well as its teenage pregnancy rate. You may ask how they have achieved that? Well there are three main reasons:

> Comprehensive, factual sex education through the schools

> Universal access to contraception

> Universal health care

They also have, as a bonus, later initiation of sexual activity in teens. So this seems to be a win-win scenario. Too bad we haven't done it. Oh, and by the way, Planned Parenthood is one of the largest organizations providing contraception and family planning to women in the United States.

Lemuel Arnold

LaFayette, Georgia


It's Sen. Blackburn who should resign

Did I really read that Marsha Blackburn is calling for Dr. Anthony Fauci to resign because he dealt with "Big Tech" as the pandemic was developing? Really? Isn't this the same Marsha Blackburn who received on the order of $800,000 in campaign contributions from "Big Pharma" as a result of her defenses of them during the opioid crisis? Isn't this the same Marsha Blackburn who sponsored legislation that prevented the Drug Enforcement Agency from freezing suspicious opioid shipments?

Dr. Fauci continues to follow the scientific process in order to save lives. Marsha Blackburn followed the campaign contributions in order to protect the huge profits of companies who were knowingly and irresponsibly promoting dangerous drugs. And isn't she one of the anti-democratic members of Congress who are promoting the "Big Lie?" If anyone needs to resign, it's Marsha Blackburn.

James M. Hemsley


Fix broken persons, not the implements

Violence has no first name!

No doubt the evils that afflict us are many and diverse — mostly of our own making. Drugs. alcohol. anger, hate — but why go on? You know their names as well as I do; broken men, broken marriages, broken families leaving helpless children.

But as long as the press has the bone of "guns" in their teeth, we will never find real solutions to "nameless" violence. Stop fixating on the implement and seek treatments for sick, violent persons.

Bill Laudeman

Red Bank


Hit up taxpayers for needed funds

Isn't it about time for politicians to stop fighting each other and fight for America? Let's make America great again by building back better. We either move forward together or slowly deteriorate to a has-been country and be thrown on the trash pile of history.

We need to be more productive by having a modern infrastructure. We need to be more productive by having free or reduced[-cost] child care to let more people join the work force. We need to be more productive by having early education and free or reduced[-cost] post-high school education, be it community college or trade school to produce smart workers for industries of the future.

It does take money, but as businesses sell stock to investors for money to modernize, the government must go to their investors, the taxpayer, for funds. Let's keep America moving forward by investing in the future.

Richard Volkwein



Clear race teaching guidelines needed

First, congratulations, TFP, on being perhaps the finest small city newspaper in the country.

I read with some sadness the companion articles in the June 13 edition about Tennessee's new law about race instruction and our education commissioner's pledge to promulgate guidelines for same. I am reminded of the title characters in the movie "Dumb & Dumber" (in this case, I'm inclined to give the nod to our legislature for the role of Dumber). As a school board chairman in Oklahoma observed about similar legislation in that state, "It was a measure in search of a problem."

Not to be outdone, certain educators are wailing that they have no idea what they can and cannot teach. Really? The wording of the statute is hardly complex. We can, and certainly should, address the dark and troubling history of racism in our country without making any child ashamed of his/her race.

Hopefully, Tennessee Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn and her team will be the adults in the room who promulgate reasonable guidelines for complying with this unnecessary law to assuage the silly panic it has caused among some teachers.

Dave Siklosi

Athens, Tennessee