Why Republicans feel the way they do

I was amused by a recent Chattanooga Times editorial declaring Republicans delusional. Let me help clarify why many on the right feel the way they do.

Democrats' leadership in important swing states managed to push through changes in voter integrity laws in 2020 under the guise of an emergency situation due to COVID-19 lockdowns. These changes made it virtually impossible to know who actually voted in the election. With many of these states not requiring voter ID on mail-in ballots and lower standards for signature matches, there was virtually no way to prove that wide-scale voter fraud may have occurred. Well played, Democrats!

Lack of a "smoking gun" made state and federal courts avoid this issue like a bag of flaming dog poo. In the minds of many conservatives, lack of actionable proof of cheating doesn't mean it didn't occur. To Republicans, the "Big Lie" might be any of the following:

> The Steele dossier was gospel.

> The mainstream media is truthful and unbiased.

> The Bidens, especially Hunter, are "squeaky clean."

> Fewer police and cashless bail decrease crime.

> Antifa and BLM held totally peaceful demonstrations last summer.

> There is no crisis at our Southern border.

Jeff Fisher


Do you want our children to think?

The recent commentary on critical race theory and other current issues has raised an important question for me: "Do we want our children to think?"

What is the purpose of education? To indoctrinate or to create citizens who can read differing opinions and think for themselves? A theory is just that. A theory. A way to think about something. Not a belief. Let's set their minds free! Our democracy is dependent upon that.

Christine Couch Conn


Columnist Bill Stamps is missed by reader

I meant to send this letter several days ago. For the better part of the last three years I read Bill Stamps' column in the Sunday Times Free Press. He sounded like a man I would like to have known.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading his column and identified with him. I was saddened by his passing, like losing a good friend. I wish his family comfort in knowing he will be missed and was appreciated by many.

Nina Burton

East Ridge