Should churches get tax exemption?

Is there no end to the political involvement of our churches? It is obvious the attack on President Biden by the Catholic Church is purely political. If the bishops are so concerned about politicians going against the church teachings, why aren't they up in arms about all the Republicans who are for the death penalty?

How about all the priests and cardinals, especially Cardinal Dolan of New York, who not only supported Trump, but considered him a "great friend." Dolan said his support didn't mean he agreed with his views. He was just trying to not divide the country. They never addressed Trump's asking his girlfriend to have an abortion, his disrespect of women, his blatant racism and his support of the white supremacists.

This seems to be a double standard to me. Billy Graham was never partisan. Why do churches that become involved in politics continue to retain their tax exemption?

Christine Robertson



Customer service at tag, title office gets high marks

It feels like it's my turn to mention the people who man their stations at the county vehicle tag and title offices.

I like to whine about government employees more than most, so I have been astounded at my treatment by the people at the Hamilton County Courthouse tag and title offices. Because of some recent automotive changes, I chose the courthouse location because it is convenient to Signal Mountain. I made three visits and "interfaced" with different employees each time. They were engaging, friendly, professional and helpful each time, even after I lost some paperwork on one of the visits.

Just my two liras worth.

Michael Gaff

Signal Mountain


Who are real savages in American story?

To the ranter who wrote, "The history of America is not perfect, but we haven't killed millions in concentration camps like China and Russia": Since they apparently didn't teach it in your schools, I suggest you research the millions of Native American men, women and children killed, and children put in re-education schools, while we stole their land and sent the ones who lived to desert lands called reservations. Who were the real savages?

Bill Hayes



Tax reform myths being swallowed

In your June 10 edition, your [Times] editorial page featured a column by The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin about tax reform. In it, she quotes a left-leaning ProPublica article about the fact Warren Buffett and other billionaires pay little or no taxes. The quote says, "Taken together, it demolishes the myth that ... the richest Americans pay the most." Then, again, in your June 20 edition, a commentary by another ProPublica admirer, Helaine Olen, also of the Post, repeated a quote from a Reuters' article that stated, "it seems the rich don't pay their share," among other things. To be blunt, the only "myth" being peddled is the one being pushed by the two Post writers and subsequently swallowed hook, line and sinker by the Times page editor, Pam Sohn.

It takes little effort to identify the "myth." Simply Google "the wealthy's share of the tax burden." It takes you straight to actual IRS data, which shows the top 1% of earners pay 40% of our income tax burden. That's more than is paid by the bottom 90%! The bottom 50%'s burden was but 2.3% in 2018.

John R. Brown



Coincidence answers may be found in John

After entering a store recently, I ran into two of eight owners of cars with northern tags. "What brings you to the South?" I asked. "Our corrupt state government" was the response.

Comparing Obama, Trump, and Biden's maximum counties won: Obama 875, Trump 2,497, and Biden 527. Amazingly, on election night, at the moment Trump was winning handily, six key states had counting problems, with vote totals eventually reversed and Biden elected. Is life a series of coincidences?

Studies prove people are imperfect. So who among us qualifies to govern? What laws can we live by to allow a nation to flourish? While most of the world lives with famine, Americans throw away more food than starving nations could consume. Why are millions of immigrants heading for America's borders? Could it be coincidence? Are America's businessmen, scientists, inventors, etc., smarter than the rest of the world, or could it be America was founded on "In God We Trust"?

The answer can be found in John: "And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: He that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst."

Ed Huber

Copperhill, Tennessee

Infrastructure proper perspective needed

The June 15 Times editorial, "Don't Tell Us Building Family Is Not Infrastructure," is dangerous. First, by redefining words, you are making discourse more difficult, creating more conflict and disagreement. Infrastructure, as commonly understood, refers to road, airports and bridges. These are physical objects. They are used by and for humans. Their purpose is to benefit individuals.

By equating the family to infrastructure, you are turning the definition on its head. Humans, instead of users, become objects. This leads to the second point.

Instead of the goal being to benefit the person, you state universal preschool is needed to benefit the government, whether, city, county, state or federal. This is exactly the thinking of totalitarians: Individuals are merely cogs in the wheel of the state. This perverts the American understanding of government, namely that government is "of the people, by the people, for the people."

Maybe universal preschool is good. But use proper perspective. Instead of thinking what best benefits the government, we should emphasize human beings and what helps us flourish. People are not objects to be built. People are individuals, unique and precious. Government should not build families; rather, government should support and protect families.

David Schmidt

Signal Mountain


Elder's commentary, books recommended

Kudos to Larry Elder for his commentary "Fatherless America's Top Domestic Problem" (June 20). Not only could so much poverty in the U.S. be ameliorated when both a mother and a father are involved in the welfare of their child(ren), but also the involvement of a father figure in the family is invaluable, not only as a role model for boys but also for girls.

I would commend Larry Elder's books, "Dear Father, Dear Son," and the paperback, "A Lot Like Me," to anyone interested in the welfare of the family.

Darcy Roush


Teach history like it was without the myths

Folks, critical race theory is worse than I thought.

This theory teaches that if you are white, then you are by virtue of your skin color racist, an oppressor, a white supremecist, privileged, etc. This itself is racist to its core. It should never be taught.

* 1619: Native Africans sold other Africans into slavery to the Portuguese. A Portuguese ship was raided by British privateers and the enslaved Africans were taken to the British colonies in North America.

* 1776: Those British colonies declared their independence from the British Empire. Slavery had nothing to do with it. Read our founding documents. (Clue: the British in the 18th century were deep in the slave trade.)

* Southern aristocracy: The instigators of the Confederacy who were vast landowners and the "ruling class" of an agrarian-based system were destined to fail regardless of the outcome of the Civil War.

* Tulsa Race Massacre: A horrendous racial bloodletting that demonstrates what happens when you combine mob violence, guns and race. Last year could have been 1,000 times worse.

Ronald Williams