GOP in lockstep with hate groups

An open letter to Christians: You hold the key to saving democracy for all the people in the USA.

Republican politicians have become totally anti-democratic. They are only interested in greed, power and money in their pockets. They will never do anything for you, only cater to their millionaire donors.

They are blocking legal voters and are enacting laws to actually overturn elections, no matter the count, just what their "dear leader" Trump was telling them to do.

If you think it's OK to support this, it would behoove you to study the history of one-party takeover (dictatorships). You need go no further back than Putin and Russia. Gorbachev was putting Russia on the road toward democracy. When Putin was voted in, he began grabbing more and more power and now has total control of Russia.

The most egregious thing that you are supporting when you vote for any Republican is hatred. You may pretend that you do not, but the fact is you are marching in lockstep with all hate groups (KKK, white supremacists, etc.).

Just watch, listen, and learn about the insurrection of Jan. 6. That defines today's Republican Party.

Walter M. Benton, Signal Mountain


Bennett advised to stay in his lane

As to Bennett's submission on June 22, and his probable bias toward Catholicism, I offer this advice — stay in your lane, fella.

Bill Gallagher


Aberrant behaviors not hard to trace

The June 23 edition of the TFP reported FAA data showing 140 cases of airline passenger misbehavior investigated annually since 2010. Why, then, 400 cases in just five months this year? They cite the effects of the pandemic.

CNN documents gun violence in America increased 73% since 2020, with 300 mass shootings resulting in 342 persons killed, and four times that injured.

The insurrection of Jan. 6 demonstrated that the social rules have changed. Whereas the norm once was "Is it good for everyone?" the standard now is "Is it good for me and what I want?" ("I don't want to wear a mask or get the vaccine, and you can't make me!") Before, we thought people perceived, and responded to, the world similarly. Now, many think "It's OK to act upon one's own false beliefs." ("That election was stolen!" or "There's' nothing broken in the country.")

Don't blame COVID. Blame the fact that since 2016, abnormal ways of behaving and believing have become normalized for millions of Americans.

Combative airline passengers, angry gun owners and extreme tribalism in the U.S. Congress are different examples of the exact outcome predicted by Yale University psychologists in their book, "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump."

Richard McGee