Postmaster general must be canceled

It's high time that USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy be fired.

DeJoy's incompetence and cruelty have cost Americans everything — delayed stimulus checks, missing medication for at-risk individuals, overdue bills, and most soberingly, a sabotaged democracy. But he's not done yet.

DeJoy's new plan for the USPS includes the removal of first-class mail, elimination of overtime for postal workers and the raising of postage rates. Simply put, our country cannot afford for him to succeed.

It's imperative that Democrats stop DeJoy in his tracks before he can cause more harm to the American people, but they're stuck behind a multitude of bureaucratic barriers as he rapidly destroys our entire mail system.

Jim Morris

Blairsville, Georgia


Pass 'Fair Game' law to fix 'stupid'

Every time a new Police Blotter is published on, there is anywhere from one to three reports of people whose cars are stolen when they left them running with the keys in them to "warm up" or run in the store "just for a minute."

It would seem like our hard-working, understaffed and underpaid police officers are busy enough that they should not have to go tracking people's cars down after they leave them out for just anyone to help themselves to.

Therefore, I propose we pass legislation in Tennessee called the "Fair Game" law. It would state simply that if you leave your car out in the open, unattended, unlocked with the keys in it and running, then it is "fair game" for anyone to come along to take.

They say you can't fix stupid, but hopefully it would reduce this variety of it a lot!

Kirk Schermerhorn



Stout in GOP must speak out

President Trump deliberately sowed the wind on Jan. 6, and we all painfully reaped the whirlwind.

The mob that trashed our Capitol had just listened to Trump spewing lies upon lies about the "stolen" election and inciting his followers to fight. "We will never concede ... we will stop the steal ... We're going to walk down to the Capitol ... we've got to get rid of the weak [Republicans]...[The radical left is] ruthless, and it's time that somebody did something about it ... And we fight. We fight like hell, and if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore."

Trump's attacks against an election that has held up under intense scrutiny were amplified by over a dozen Senate Republicans and more than 130 House Republicans promising to contest electoral results. They're all complicit in fomenting the seditious actions that took place.

It is now the responsibility of every Republican of integrity to stand and speak out — not just against riotous Trump supporters but against President Trump himself — so that we will still have a great democracy, and perhaps even a reputable Republican Party, before this is over.

Betsy Darken