Elder, Parker words ignore race history

In a recent Sunday Perspective section (on the Free Press editorial page),columnists Larry Elder and Star Parker attack reparations for African Americans. Using familiar tropes of "personal responsibility," "original sin," and "failure to take advantage of available opportunities," they ignore portions of our nation's racial history. Some facts:

Personal responsibility?

After World War II, Black Americans could not get VA home loans as a result of government policies.

One million Black WWII veterans did not gain access to any GI Bill benefits as a result of racist tactics.

From 1983 to 2013, the wealth of the median Black household declined by 75%, while median white households increased by 14%.

Original sin?

Social Security excluded domestic workers and farmers, two occupations heavily filled by Blacks.

In terms of housing, less than 2% of $120 billion worth of government-backed home loans went to minorities.

According to historian Andrew Kahrl, 11 million acres of Black land was taken through fraud, deception and theft.

Failure to take advantage of available opportunities?

Black infants die at twice the rate of white infants.

Prostate cancer kills twice as many Blacks as whites.

71% of white families lived in owner-occupied homes in 2014 compared to 41% of African Americans.

Enough said.

Dr. Michael V. Woodward



Wants to get rid of only Fox News

It was bad enough when Fox News spread misinformation about COVID-19 and aggravated an already bad situation. It was even worse when Fox aided and abetted Donald Trump in spreading the Big Lie that the election was stolen, which set the stage for the insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

I do not for a minute dispute the fact that Fox News can say what they want, whether true or not. However, I was highly incensed when I came to the realization that each year about $20 of my money goes to Fox, courtesy of my cable TV provider.

At present, I have only two choices: I can continue to subsidize Fox or I can cancel my cable TV subscription. I need an option to cancel just the Fox part of my cable bundle so I do not have to spend my money on a network I do not want to pay for. Fox should be optional, same as HBO and Cinemax.

You can read more about this issue at

Jim Olson


Treat carbon like other resources

The examples of the impact of climate change (Friedman: "Can you believe this is happening in America?" TFP, Feb. 24) show the impact when individual states favor special interests over the entire country. The irony is that the Texas situation is a "market based solution" that emphasizes short-term gain whereas there is a "market based solution" out there that addresses climate change for the long term.

The carbon fee solution (putting a fee on carbon as it is extracted from the ground) is favored by politicians from both parties and by many economists, and the carbon fee and dividend approach advanced by Citizens Climate Lobby includes this approach while mitigating its impact on individual citizens by returning the proceeds equally to the public. Let the market prevail; treat carbon like other resources.

David Thomforde

Athens, Tennessee