Senators 'snowflakes' for athletes stance

To the 27 senators seeking to ban kneeling at sporting events at UTC: Is it not ironic that you can wrap yourselves in the refuge of patriotism and flag, clutching the statue of Bedford Forrest in your bosom, and scold young athletes and threaten our university chancellors with withholding funds for exercising their First Amendment rights?

I wonder how one who can maintain that "free speech" may claim falsely that an election was stolen, may invite and incite mobs that injure and kill police, and then, simultaneously attempt to criminalize and silence the peaceful witness of student athletes?

"Snowflake" is a recently coined word that describes a person who is so ideologically biased that he or she cannot endure any contradiction and therefore prevents anyone who would disagree with them from speaking. As senators, you are elected not to espouse the politics of your party, but to seek the magnanimous vision of liberty and justice for all.

Remember the fire last time during the 1960s. Do not ignore systemic racism. Protect the First Amendment. Create a community in which we can all stand when we hear our national anthem played. And try not to melt.

Carter Paden

Signal Mountain


The easy way and those who follow it

The devil's enticement: "Enjoy fame, power, glamour, social status, wealth and bask in the envy of others by enrolling in my easy way. Learn to avoid the burdens of work, intellectual honesty, humility, service to society, moral laws, etc. The easy way is four times more effective, plus it's more fun to use intimidation, bigotry, falsehoods and other easy ways to amass a following, power and wealth. Let the suckers and losers work, work, work and get bruised scrambling to the middle of the ladder of success.

"And many of you not yet inclined to use the easy way for yourself I do thank for help in exalting my message via your approval, support and admiration of my fully enrolled designated denizens of easy way land. Keep up the good work."

Michael Mainz



Transit 'insanity' depends on district

In early February, U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann posted on Twitter his support for a recent $200 million appropriation for the Chickamauga Lock project.

A few weeks later, he described a $100 million appropriation toward a much-needed mass transit project in Silicon Valley as "insanity ... bloated and partisan spending." Apparently Rep. Fleischmann believes that the tax dollars sent to the federal government from Democratic districts should only be spent in Republican districts.

Greg Gloss


Catoosa County vaccines praised

After receiving a call to set up an appointment on Jan. 25, we had our first COVID vaccine shot at the Colonnade in Ringgold.

Traffic control by the Catoosa County Sheriff's Department was excellent. The entrance to the facility was easy to access, and everyone was very helpful in explaining the process. From start to finish and with the 15-minute wait time for any reactions to the shot, we were out of the lot in less than 40 minutes. The EMS professionals did a great job of administering the vaccine, and everyone answered any questions.

Catoosa County Health Department followed up with a schedule for the second shot on a very rainy Feb. 26. The in-vehicle process made total use of the Colonnade campus, including porticos at the library and other buildings. The paperwork and shots were administered with the same professionalism as the first, and we were once again on our way in less than 40 minutes. The coordination between the health department and other agencies was tremendous. Kudos to the hard work and excellent planning by Catoosa County.

Anita and Monty Rawls

Ringgold, Georgia


Actual Trump actions pale to Nazi takeover

Despite Donald Trump's exit from the White House, Nazi comparisons still abound. It's not clear how the analogy holds up, other than Hitler was a dictator, and so is Trump (still), or Republicans are liars, and so were Nazis. But a review of significant early developments in the Nazi takeover of German life is telling. Let the reader draw his own comparisons.

Only in office as chancellor a month, in February 1933, Hitler used the alleged crisis precipitated by the burning of the Reichstag (their Congress) building by a single deranged Dutchman to proclaim the Emergency Decree, by which civil liberties were suspended and the Nazis' primary enemies, the Communists, were arrested. This decree was never revoked.

One month later, the Reichstag approved an Enabling Act, by which Hitler was enabled to rule by decree, effectively replacing the German constitution (though it was never formally repealed) for as long as he was in power.

By June of the same year (less than six months in office) and armed with these powers, the Nazis outlawed all other political parties. Such was the Nazis' effective use of a contrived crisis to solidify their hold on Germany.

Gary Lindley

Lookout Mountain, Georgia


Where is the GOP's 'sense of decency'?

The storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, was a date of infamy by white supremacy domestic terrorists incited by months of Trump's claims of stolen presidential votes depriving him of re-election and resulted in injury and death of Capitol and D.C. police who were protecting congressional members and staff. Vice President Mike Pence was threatened and quickly moved to a safer location by the Secret Service. The former president at first did nothing as chaos continued, and he disparaged Pence for lacking the "courage" to stop the ballot count. "Hang Mike Pence," the terrorists shouted.

The majority of the Senate voted to convict Trump of "inciting an insurrection" but the vote fell short of the 67 required. The 57 to 43 bipartisan vote to convict did not include either Tennessee Republican. As Mitch McConnell, who voted to acquit noted, Trump was clearly guilty and libel for offenses committed during his presidency. Unfortunately, many in the GOP continue to support Trump, notwithstanding his lies and ideology coterminous with QAnon conspiracies and white supremacy domestic terrorism. For the GOP who censures Republicans opposing Trump, I'm reminded, "At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

Jay Paty


Cartoon incorrect on Presidents Day

The Feb. 16 Clay Bennett cartoon falls prey to the same erroneous assumption held by so many: that Presidents Day honors all presidents. Not so. The holiday honors only the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, whose holidays were combined to cut down on the number of holidays and to grant workers a long weekend under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act of 1968. Many presidents were unworthy of being celebrated by a special holiday.

Ronald Cumbie


USA is now splitting into two countries

A recent letter writer posits creating a separate country inhabited and run by only Trump extremists. To be fair, let's do the same for our left-wing extremists (in fact, we're getting close to that country now).

A country full of haters, toppling statues and canceling our culture; black-hooded Antifa using legit BLM protests to loot, burn cars, destroy buildings and attack cops. Then loot some more. All run by Marxists calling themselves democratic socialists like Lenin, Zedong, Stalin, Pol Pot and today's CCP.

The only choice will be those two countries. No longer is there any middle ground.

Elliott Moren