City elections losing 'nonpartisan' status

To quote the maître d' in the extraordinary movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off":

"I weep for the future."

Specifically, here, I weep for the future of city elections. The future for our city remains bright.

I have been a business person involved in manufacturing, economic development, steel fabrication and law practice in our city for more than 33 years. During that time, I have always welcomed elections for city mayor with a sense of comfort, inasmuch as the races have been non-partisan and thus focused on what is best for our beloved city, as opposed to any political agenda.

Rather, a race among candidates who wish to lead our city forward for the betterment of the whole and holistic community.

I do not take a position on who the next mayor needs to be. It seems that others have already commenced a race to the bottom in connection with that effort.

But I do want to express my extreme sadness and disappointment that the process has devolved into bitter, vitriolic and partisan dialogue.

I will now wait, sadly recognizing the loss of the last bastion of non-partisan stewardship. I will vote my conscience on election day.

Michael Mallen


A matter of inches: Get the facts straight

A Feb. 25 commentary on the Chattanooga Free Press opinion page, titled "The Era of Lost Common Sense" by Arkansas Democrat Gazette contributing writer Dana Kelley, stated that, "The basketball hoop for women is a half-inch smaller in diameter than for men." This is incorrect. The basketball for women is one inch smaller in circumference than the basketball used by men.

Ken Barker



Resolved: 2020 election invalid

A new year is here. I thought I'd share my New Year's resolutions.

— I will never recognize the 2020 elections as valid. Too many dead people, dogs, cats, goldfish, felons and illegal immigrants voting.

— I will never call the Capitol Hill riot an insurrection. An insurrection requires an organized armed force led by pseudo-military leaders. See U.S. Civil War.

— I will never capitalize any racial group, regardless of what changes The Associated Press and TFP editors make.

— I will always stand for the playing of our national anthem and will take a knee only for God almighty.

— I will always support our local police. The other option is anarchy.

— I will always regard BLM and antifa with the same disdain I have for KKK and neo-Nazis.

— I will vote for mayor only someone with a business background. No career politicians, community organizers or street activists.

— I will never support the abolition of fossil fuels until the U.S. completes a massive nuclear power energy program. Windmills and solar power will never replace fossil fuels.

Ronald Williams