All should be ashamed of our trashy city

I surely do not understand how the moniker "Scenic City of the South" can even be uttered by my new city of Chattanooga. Natural beauty of the area? Gag me with a spoon.

I have never in my life seen so much trash on the roads, neighborhoods, in and around businesses (CVS on Highway 58 is truly disgusting), and in front of people's homes.

What the heck is wrong with the residents of this city? How dare you throw your cans, fast food containers and, yes, full bags of trash out of your car windows? I am truly disgusted as I drive over the Highway 153 bridge at the collection of garbage from the end of the bridge, past Lake Junior and up to the Amnicola exit.

I've been told that COVID has decreased the ability of the city and county to pick up the trash. I had a similar letter of mine published when I first moved here five years ago. Nothing has changed.

Sherri DeRose


The hidden agenda of minimum wage hikes

Entitlement programs are not designed to elevate people but rather to keep people subjugated — the "hidden agenda." An infamous example: minimum wage standards.

Such rhetoric is rooted in the false assertion that businesses will absorb increased wage dictates without increasing product prices or, worse yet, eliminating jobs, reducing hours or closing doors. Everyone's purchasing power is ultimately reduced; hence the near-immediate call for an even higher minimum wage or the latest ruse, the undefined and therein conveniently fluid "living wage," which dramatically distorts the entire wage scale structure and exacerbates permanent job loss. The disingenuous boast that "millions are lifted from poverty" is knowingly temporary, ultimately seeding the demand for further wage increases and another political opportunity. As the cycle continues, too many people — and their votes — remain purposefully mired in government dependency.

To ultimately reduce poverty, entitlements like minimum wage standards must be implemented with the corresponding, overarching goal of uplifting people to provide a realistic path out of poverty. The trillions spent in the name of combating poverty have done little other than creating and perpetuating the massive government bureaucracy whose continued existence relies upon sustaining, rather than eliminating, social dependency.

R.G. Kirn



Follow science only when it's convenient?

President Biden's Executive Order 14021, "Guaranteeing an Educational Environment Free From Discrimination on the Basis of Sex, Including Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity," is an example of a typical politician undermining rudimentary logic for ideological expediency.

The Biden administration knows that subjective gender identity does not fall within the scope of the current legal framework under Title IX.

We're told to "believe the science" unless science is inconvenient. Humans have lived in our current form for at least 200,000 years, reproducing only by way of a male and a female. If we are to invoke a field of objectivity such as science, it would behoove us to follow it wherever it may lead. Therefore, placing this sort of ideological trust in a political leader only serves to produce a confused, malcontent society. No one should be mistreated because of who they are; however, as a nation of laws, the question of whether we seek to broaden the definition of sex under Title IX should be left to the legislature, not a politician.

James W. Smith