Will we be governed by all or by a few?

We the people, the only species aware of itself, are still catching our breath after our victory over Trump and his treasonous, seditious supporters.

As we reflect upon this latest attack on our democracy, it behooves us to refresh our memories with respect to the powerful history of our democracy.

We stand proudly proclaiming our discovery that true democracy means government of, by and for the people, a concept so precious it "shall not perish from the earth."

It was a new idea that would not be denied.

For Americans, it took awhile to sort out and write down the words that define the intention to include everyone. All are created equal. One would think that this bloody work is done. It is not.

Throughout our nation's life, we have constantly faced voter suppression. Will we be governed by oligarchy or by all people?

Those who opposed one voter, one vote found success by forbidding entire groups as "not qualified": slaves, Blacks, women, Chinese, Asians, Mexicans, Indians and nonproperty owners. Politically present are the white suppressionists whose numbers are rising.

So be vigilant and show up.

Blake Moore


Beyond the satire: Wear masks, get a shot

I don't wear a mask, and will not get a vaccine. Not only do I not care about myself or my family, I don't care about scientists or health care workers.

I wave the flag, the Bible and the Constitution in everyone's face, although I don't actually care a thing about any of them. But by golly, I tote my big guns around. And I keep voting for Republicans so that they will eventually give me some trickle-down.

For those of you who don't understand satire, find a seventh- or eighth-grade student to explain.

(By the way, I wear my mask and have gotten my vaccine.)

Walter M. Benton

Signal Mountain


Tennessee should expand Medicaid now

What does the new stimulus package mean for Medicaid expansion in Tennessee?

Recently, President Biden signed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, a day ahead of when he was expected. This relief package is expected to send another jolt of life through the crippled economy.

While this bill contains provisions for unemployment benefits, nutrition assistance, and raises the Earned Income Tax Credit, it also presents Tennessee with an even stronger incentive to expand Medicaid.

If Tennessee expanded Medicaid, we would be granted with an additional 5 percentage point increase in our base federal medical assistance percentage (FMAP) for two years. Even after paying the cost of Medicaid expansion, Tennessee is expected to net about $900 million.

Studies have consistently shown greater coverage gains, reductions in uninsured rates, and state savings especially as it pertains to the most vulnerable populations that took the biggest hit during the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite more than six of 10 Tennesseans supporting Medicaid expansion, the legislature has failed to adequately address the needs of the hard-working public. And this failure is costing us all in health care and dollars.

This is unacceptable. We must demand more of our elected officials.

Thomas J. Stovall