Russian infiltration of the Republican Party

The Jan. 6 insurrection in our Capitol revealed that the GOP has become a sanctuary for QAnon psychotics, white supremacists, Neo-Nazis, racist and neo-Confederates. If this were not enough, a recent intelligence report revealed that the Russians were again interfering in our 2020 elections to help Donald Trump and the Republican Party with the assistance of Republican stooges.

Since the 2016 elections, the Russians have had free rein in the halls of our government. Our former president was an obsequious quisling for Vlad Putin.

Andriy Derkach and Konstantin Kilimnick were Russian assets tasked with laundering Russian propaganda through Trump allies to American audiences. They even produced a "documentary" on One America Network through Trump ally, Michael Caputo.

Intelligence reports during the election identified Russian interference, but the Trump administration lied about this reality and instead shifted blame to China. Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo, John Radcliffe, Ron Johnson and other seditious Republicans promoted this lie.

To defeat Russian attempts to destroy our country, these Republican traitors must be ferreted out and prosecuted.

Terry Stulce, Ooltewah


Demand that we, the people, can vote

As a woman whose foremothers had to fight for my right to vote, I am ashamed and appalled at the raft of voter suppression laws being put forward, and worse, passed, by Republican super-majority state legislatures. All evidence (from Republicans and Democrats) shows that the 2020 election was one of the fairest, most watched, most safeguarded, and most inclusive elections in modern history.

Apparently, Republicans find this fact very disturbing. Arizona Republican state Rep. John Kavanagh openly stated his belief that only certain people should vote, as quality trumps quantity — a misstatement no matter how you look at it. Republicans want to decide whose vote is a "quality" vote and whose is not. Beware! If we really care about the quality of votes, we should be educating voters, not culling their ranks.

End this assault on voting rights. Tell your senators and representatives that you support legislation that encourages voting and advances the ability of every citizen to vote, regardless of race, creed, color, gender orientation, economic class, education level, geographic location, party preference, or physical disability.

This is America, where the safety of our democracy demands that we, the people, can vote!

Sandra McCrea, Signal Mountain


'Big lie' continues to be disseminated

I read a recent letter in the TFP presenting the big lie again — that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent. The author maintains President Biden's 15 million to 16 million vote increase over totals for Obama and Clinton as the fraud.

That argument is nonsensical. It disregards the fact the 2020 election resulted in 10 million more votes for Trump than in 2016 and about 22 million more overall, the largest turnout since 1900. Trump's base stood solid, but many "never Hillary" and disillusioned swing voters went to Biden.

The election was free, fair and fraud-free since the down ballot races went uncontested. It's not just my opinion. More than 60 court cases reviewed evidence presented by the GOP and Trump lawyers. In only one early case did a court find for the plaintiffs. The other cases were thrown out for lack of evidence or standing. The cases taken to the Supreme Court were disallowed due to the "evidence" presented.

After months, only minuscule fraud was found — nothing close to numbers impacting election results. Yet the big lie continues, and it undermines our republic, and it brought insurrection and death to our Capitol Jan. 6.

Robert Landry, M.D.