Ban them; they're not hunting rifles

When I was growing up and working in small, rural villages, guns were a part of everyday life; hunting rifles, mostly. The hunting seasons were part of the culture, and wildlife; the land and skill were respected.

The gun violence we feared came from "weekend hunters" who drove down from affluent suburbs to drink beer and shoot at cows and sometimes each other. Shooting deaths occurred when boozy weekenders took aim at something, anything, rustling the brush, even when it was bright orange.

Today it's vastly different. Alongside COVID and opioids is an epidemic of gun violence directly related to the super-abundance of AR-15-type firearms and enormous magazines, whose only purpose, outside of mass shootings, is creating huge profits for gun manufacturers who spend millions to convince us we need their products.

If we want ourselves, our neighbors and our children to be able to go to school or the grocery store in relative safety, there are clear first steps. Restrict magazine size. Ban AR-15-style weapons.

It's not about mental illness (how do you track that, anyway?). It's not a Second Amendment issue (there's an abundance of other gun types). It's common sense. It's life-respecting sense.

Natalie Hanson


Business, experience recommend Lee

Thomas Lee will be an excellent Chattanooga city councilman for District 2 in the upcoming runoff election April 13. He has the experience of how to grow a business and manage a large team of employees. He will be a difference-maker when it comes to helping recruit more jobs to the Scenic City.

Thomas Lee will make sure the funding is there and appropriately allocated for our police and first responders. He will work with those who respect our police and advocate for their increased professionalism. Our streets will be safer because of Thomas Lee's role on the City Council.

Thomas Lee is level-headed and leans in with his heart when it comes to matters that are worthy of passion. The city of Chattanooga is a source of great pride for Thomas, and he has great passion to participate in its continued growth and improvement as a member of the council.

I would encourage my friends in District 2 to go out and vote for Thomas Lee on April 13, or vote early through April 8.

Greg Martin


Kim White will lead city with integrity

I believe Kim White is the best choice for mayor of Chattanooga.

We need a change of direction. Her opponent has been promoted as being another Andy Berke. Do we need another four years of what we have seen in the last eight years?

Chattanooga needs a mayor who has the best interest of all citizens at heart, regardless of race or gender. We need a mayor who cares about surrounding communities, not just downtown. I think Kim understands that all lives matter, and is not willing to promise or compromise leadership jobs or positions in city government when she is elected.

I certainly do not see her making light of the death of someone who has died from cancer. Her opponent said he made a mistake in doing that. I'm a firm believer that what comes out of the mouth comes from the heart. To me, that so-called mistake showed his character.

As a Kim White supporter, I urge you to take a good look at both candidates. Look at their character and intentions. Look at what is best for this city, yourself and all citizens. Kim White by far is the most qualified candidate for mayor.

Jerry Walls