Tim Kelly will ask the right questions

Tim Kelly as mayor would help us realize our potential as a city and bring us together as one Chattanooga. He has the brains, the heart and the experience. He is committed to transparency and accountability.

Our officials have allowed developers too much influence on issues like which businesses get tax breaks, which roads get paved, and how steep slopes are regulated. I trust Tim to ask the right questions and make sure the public interest is considered.

Kim White is hard-working and enthusiastic and a woman. All great attributes. But the list of her developer and PAC donors in this campaign and her track record at River City Company vetting housing PILOTs raise concerns about who might have undue influence if she is elected mayor.

$13.2 million. That is the approximate amount the city and county agreed to give up in property taxes when they approved the seven downtown housing PILOT applications White recommended. How did the public benefit from subsidizing market-rate and college housing projects that likely would have been built without the tax breaks?

Tim Kelly will try to do what is best for all Chattanoogans.

Helen Burns Sharp


Trump sealed his fate as worst ever

Did Trump really keep his promises and make America "great again" as he's repeatedly claimed?

Do you feel that the United States is a better country than it was four years ago?

The U.S. debt has exploded. Donald Trump did worse in four years than Obama's eight in terms of debt. Yet Donald Trump was the first to constantly criticize Barack Obama on the issue of excessive U.S. debt.

Donald Trump then tried to turn the United States into an autocracy. The culmination was his call for an insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, with the failed capture of the Capitol. Overall, Trump's decisions proved to be bad for the United States.

Joe Biden has a great deal to correct now that he's arrived at the White House and to put the United States back in the right direction to fight against the emergence of China and Russia.

Finally, Trump showed during the coronavirus pandemic that he had no clue what it takes to lead a country like the United States. He made a series of bad decisions that cost the lives of more than 540,000 American citizens. Worse still, he has continued to stir up tensions within the United States when it was already a major problem before he was elected.

Donald Trump will probably remain forever the worst president in the history of the United States.

Rod Killian


Lady Justice finally coming for Trump

Only time will tell when criminal indictments may be served on Donald Trump, but they are likely to come from several jurisdictions.

Trump called on the Georgia secretary of state to produce more votes for him than were legally cast by Georgia voters.

It is obstruction of justice for the president to attempt firing of an official in charge of an investigation as with Robert Mueller.

It is within the authority of the Department of Justice to charge Trump for inciting the Jan 6th riot on the Capitol.

If the Trump Organization's tax records or Trump's income tax returns disclose money laundering and other illegal activity, both Trump and son-in- law Jared Kushner could be charged.

John Bratton