Biden is accountable for crisis at border

President Biden is totally responsible for the crisis at the border. He said "Come on in," and they came by the thousands and thousands.

He, with his action and no plan for the care of these people, was heartless and irresponsible.

The children were brought to the border and dumped there. Children were put in cages; they were alone, frightened, hungry, dirty, some sick and some abused.

The president did not go to the border, saying there was no crisis. He is guilty of cruel and inhumane treatment of the migrants.

As of today, there are 25,000 children still there.

President Biden goes home each day to his family, a nice house, good dinner, takes a nice shower and goes to a bed with clean sheets. He sleeps peacefully.

The children were sent to the border for a better life. They will not get one.

The president is not keeping his promise.

The tragedy of mothers facing life without their children and children maybe not ever seeing their parents again is heartbreaking.

The sad part is it did not need to happen.

Yes, Mr. President, you are accountable.

Ruth Cote



Vaccinated citizens deserve a 'thank you'

Now that the CDC has lifted indoors and outdoors mask requirements for fully vaccinated people, on behalf of those of us who are fully vaccinated, I would like to say, "You're welcome."

"You're welcome" to those of you anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, anti-science who are going to benefit from herd immunity because I'm sure you are thanking us. Thanking us because, [in spite] of your selfishness and total disregard for public health, you too have benefited from COVID vaccinations.

Rebecca Rochat

It take both parents to raise children

My mother raised and cared for each of her 11 children until we grew into responsible adults. I don't understand why we celebrate parents separately each year. It takes both parents to raise a child. Both deserve honor and respect in their rearing of a child. The Bible teaches us, "God will bless our land if we honor our father and mother." This means they became one flesh when they marry.

Secretary Clinton wrote a book entitled "It Takes a Village." I believe it takes both parents to raise a child.

My mother was born in a small village in India. She helped on the farm and attended a small, four-year Christian school there. She married my father at age 13 and moved north with him to a Christian hospital. It was there my mother gave birth to six boys and five girls. She raised us with the help of my father. She didn't show preference. I cried the loudest whenever she punished me. She would hug me and cry with me. I didn't always live up to her expectations, but with the middle name "Angel," I always thought she loved me the most!

Amos Taj