Remembering the best of the late Mike Carter

State Rep. Mike Carter's passing is a tremendous loss to our community and local government.

I knew Mike as a kind and good man. In past years Mike found time to stop by for a visit after conducting business in the courthouse. It was a joy to hear him express his love for Jesus Christ.

During his outstanding service in the state House of Representatives, it was an honor to receive a call from him with legislative news of interest or an email updating me on repeal of the vehicle emissions law that he and state Sen. Bo Watson guided through the General Assembly.

His productive government service will always be appreciated. Also, his friendly smile and the "Mr. Clerk" he referred to me as will always be personally remembered.

Bill Knowles


Bennett sends wrong message in Biden cartoon

Clay Bennett got it wrong twice in a recent cartoon.

First, he pictures President Biden with mask removed as if he is the person who made the conquering of COVID-19 possible. Bennett forgets that the vaccines were developed at "warp speed" during President Trump's administration.

Secondly, President Biden is pictured wide-eyed with a broad smile, totally engaged. If anyone had watched even a minute of a news conference, they know that Mr. Biden appears to struggle. Tragically, he stumbles with the simplest sentences just as he stumbled climbing the steps to Air Force One.

Jeff Wilson



Voter turned off by liberal columns, speeches

After reading the editorials of Chattanooga Times opinion page Editor Pam Sohn, commentaries by Washington Post columnists Jennifer Rubin and E.J. Dionne Jr., and listening to President Joe Biden in his speeches, plus the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer, I believe the above-named people make me thankful I stopped voting for the Democratic Party. I am thankful that I now vote Republican.

Today's Democratic Party is in two words, "very distressful."

Bud Conway

Whitwell, Tennessee


Opportunities, outcomes are complex challenges

I agree with Hamilton Flourishing's Doug Daugherty that our civilization should not be about equality of outcome. That would lead to widespread incompetence in the workplace.

I would say to conservatives, however, that the phrase "equality of opportunity" is rather glib. What level of opportunity is afforded to someone without sufficient life and educational skills to compete?

The solution is difficult and requires profound wisdom and commitment. And yes, conservatives must recognize the existence of some racism.

The editorial page editor of the Times page in the TFP should also know that "code words" like "fatherless families" and "students in poverty" have a basis in reality.

Harry Geller