Collins' reporting helped city improve

Upon the recent news of the passing of J.B. Collins, I cannot let this occasion go by without an acknowledgement of his role in improving the environment of Chattanooga.

Thank you, Chattanooga Times Free Press, for remembering J.B. Collins was a stalwart of news coverage of some of the great characters and rich stories of Chattanooga's history. One of those great stories is Chattanooga's environmental progress in the latter half of the last century in overcoming our status as the most polluted city in America to become the first city in the United States to achieve the ozone (smog) federal air quality standards.

J.B. Collins was right there with the Chattanooga News-Free Press to report on Chattanooga's environmental challenges and progress. He was instrumental, along with Springer Gipson and Pat Wilcox of the Chattanooga Times, in covering the environmental beat and keeping the public informed.

J.B. wrote many significant articles about important events in our great city and surrounding communities, but his contribution to educating the public about our environment is one of the significant accomplishments of the long-term legacy of James Bennett Collins.

J. Wayne Cropp

Director, Chattanooga-Hamilton County Air Pollution Control Bureau (1979-1990)


Tongue-in-cheek praise for Lee, GOP

Thank God for Gov. Bill Lee and his posse. They have now passed not one, but two "bathroom bills." This should keep us safe from those trannies who are champing at the bit to use our restrooms as if they have the same rights that we do.

It is only by the grace of God that there have been no incidents of transgender urination in the first 225 years of our statehood. It could happen at any time, though, were it not for these two bills. Let us rejoice that we are now protected and will be able to do our "business" safely, and without fear of the LGBTQ crowd invading our privacy.

We must not become too relaxed, though. Remember our brothers and sisters in the other 49 states who are still exposed to this danger because they don't have the strong leadership that the people of the state of Tennessee have elected.

Ernie Pierce

Ringgold, Georgia


Moorhouse pick for commission

County commissioners: Within the next several weeks your governing body will be making a very important appointment for the upcoming open seat in District 9.

I would urge a vote in favor of Dean Moorhouse. I know Dean to be involved in many community activities. The involvement highlights a commitment for community service for both Hamilton County and District 9.

The work all of you do in the leadership of Hamilton County is vital to us all. Living in District 9, I want to have a person of commitment, integrity, understanding, and passion for this leadership role in representing me. I believe Dean is the person for the position.

Thanks for all of you in your service.

Sanders Moore



GOP is undermining USA core principles

The Republican Party has become a Trumpian, fact-free, anti-democracy cult with no basis in reality. Of course they oppose a Jan. 6 insurrection commission because many of them were either involved or complicit.

A lawyer for one of the defendants has tried to claim insanity for his client, based on the made up terms "Foxitus" and "Foxmania." The fact is, anyone watching that hateful, lying propaganda will become brainwashed. Even Goebbels would be envious of today's right-wing neocons. Republicans all over the country are making an all-out attack on voting rights, the very basis of our democratic republic.

Walter M. Benton

Signal Mountain