Greene-Gaetz rally shouldn't be news

It is really shameful that the TFP would put two insurrectionists on the front page at their "rally" in Dalton. The mother of the slain policeman from Jan. 6 was delegated to a back page after trying and failing to speak with GOP members.

The fact that the two Trump "big lie" supporters were even newsworthy is sad, but the area has like-minded "big lie" supporters. The grieving mother's story was much more appropriate for the front page than the QAnon believer and the pay-for-sex guy.

The GOP members have failed to support a committee to look into the riots of Jan. 6 and refused to speak to the grieving mother.

Your front-page coverage and the GOP refusals speak loudly as to what the TFP feels is "news."

Linda R. Harris, Walden, Tennessee


'1984' reference 'is so yesterday'

Evidently a conservative's redundant point of view is all it takes to get space on the Chattanooga Free Press op/ed page.

Consider Cal Thomas' opinion column (May 27). Cal tried to use Orwell's "1984" to explain political lying, simply. That is so yesterday. I would refer Cal and all others concerned about the origin of political lying lately to Trump's counselor, Kellyanne Conway. When confronted once about Trump's blatant lies, Kellyanne said, "Well, we have alternate facts." I believe this is what opened the door for every Trump sycophant to vie for the biggest Trump supportive lie each could tell.

Trump has lied with impunity his entire lifetime. Trump has stiffed those he owes money, taunting them with "so, sue me," knowing probable financial restraints would prohibit.

I can see the wheel of justice now turning against Trump, as it should. He's thumbed his nose at justice and given it his middle finger for years.

Trump is an example of the old saying: "What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." When Trump is brought to justice, when Trump gets his just desserts, how will the Free Press page spin it?

Allan Baggett, Trion, Georgia


Putin apparently controlling GOP

Well, I have to hand it to the leader of the Republican Party, Vladimir Putin. He continues to succeed in weakening the U.S. and is making great progress destroying democracy worldwide.

He knows America's Republican Party is populated with people who hate equal rights because in the U.S. that means equal rights for everyone. Since corruption is easier to hide in a dictatorship, Vladimir sees his opportunity to continue distracting the rest of the world as he robs his fellow Russians. Republican Party leaders and apparently Republican voters like this method — a lot.

Republican voters still embrace lying, stealing, anger and violence. Government by the people, of the people and for the people is fading into the dustbin of history because the Republican Party embraces Vladimir Putin's image of what the world should be — very few people (him, his family and friends) enjoy a royal standard of living while the rest of the country works for him. It's easier to stay corrupt when you oppress through poverty and violence.

The American Republican Party loves that idea. It's in their policies.

Jonathan D. Nessle